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Commander Boeing checking for s0beiters!
I have downloaded a new mod, a army helicopter, replacing the original Maverick.
I likt this heli!
So after a suc6full install, I was hunting for s0beiters and abusers!
Commander Boeing on hunting strike!  >:) :P
See my pics  :+

[Image: sa-mp-009.png]

[Image: sa-mp-010.png]

[Image: sa-mp-011.png]

[Image: sa-mp-012.png]

[Image: sa-mp-013.png]

[Image: sa-mp-014.png]

[Image: sa-mp-015.png]

[Image: sa-mp-016.png]

[Image: sa-mp-017.png]

Found no abusers of s0beiters, calm evening!
For so far I know, is modding not forbidden. It only replaces your model. If you change the handling, it will have NOT effect in SA-MP.
So its totaly legal :)

The Mod can be downloaded here: http://www.thegtaplace.com/pafiledb.php?...le&id=1589

Boeing :D
yer cool i used to have that exact mod! but it got annoying :P
handling changes in sa-mp FYI :/ ;)

I used to have that mod too, I used to have TONS of mods, but I eventually had to reinstall ;(
I like it :D It makes me feel of a pilot in some kind of vietnam with al those guys shooting :p
Lol, I jsut remembered: that chopper mod made the blades weird, I didnt even touch them sometimes and I got chopped up :P
Actually sorry to spoil the fun but modding is not allowed in SA-MP... I wondered why at first but in the end it comes down to 2 things.

1. Ban all types of mods is easier to stop cheaters than banning just a few.

2. Someone could mod all the textures for all the buildings so they were invisible or not even there.. so they could see you through all the buildings or they could make all the skins bright green or pink so they can see you a mile away.

In 0.2 you will find it very hard to enter a game with any mods are all even the simple Detailed Radar mod.
Well I haven't had any mods for weeks, I'm a clean player! :)

Where can you find the detailed radar mod? I've looked and I can't find it :?
yer i know the one u meen!! i will have a look now! (it will probobly be on www.gtagarage.com) but i'll look and tell ya the link in a sec

EDIT: i'll make a mods section in general talk look there... stil searching
Regarding Grove tryign to make a modding topic, is the detailed radar mod allowed for use :?

I've seen screenshots of admisn using it ;)
Well technically no its not allowed. Mod's ysection would probably get closed down but who knows. In sa-mp 0.2 you probably wont be able to connect with a detailed radar mod. Oooooo admins using the detailed radar mod? lol i'm guessing you're talking about me ;)