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Diskord kick too? Why?
Exact Nickname: Lagoony
Date of the ban: 20/01/2021
Suspected Reason: Insulting 
Extra notes: Diskord kick too? Why? Sincere sorries,wont repeat again.
I think it's quite obvious as to why.
Here's some of your recent messages on the LVP discord:
"Who was the motherfucker who banned me?"
"Momfucker admin"
"Why ban me sonofabitch?"
"Why ban me sonofawhore?"
"I fucked squash in bed last night,come join"

You've been given the option to change your toxic behavior or to remain banned. You've chosen to respond with "sonofawhore admin kid" and "Fuck your fucking server shitty kid im out of here whorson" instead.

For now you'll have the option to play on LVP although being muted. If you won't be causing any problems for a while we will reconsider the mute.
If you find any way to bypass this mute then you'll force us to change it into a ban.

I've revoked the discord ban and will set you muted on discord aswell at the moment you rejoin. Once again, if you bypass this mute we'll be forced to ban you instead.

We realize we're playing GrandTheftAuto and some insults between players are part of this. However there's a line you willingly and knowingly crossed although being warned.
Danke der admin 😁😁