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[Unbanned] Discord ban
A quick recap to what happened on discord chat. I kept sharing photos,memes and making jokes about some lvp players,including making fun of myself saying stupid things,all for the purpose of entertaining people. We were having a lot of fun together and we didnt say to each other hey you fuck your mother and family or fuck your race you black african shit. Sorry for these words but i want to show the never grown ups what a real insult is. Where i admit i crossed the boundary is where i sent an inappropriate image of 2 anime characters in bed and wrote the names Sophia and Sneax there. Still,these two get a long well with each other and i'm sure they wouldnt bother much about this. What i get in response to this is a question by an admin,Finisha,saying "Do you want to be kicked from chat?",i just said that those two wouldnt bother about it and 2 minutes after,i couldnt see LVP on my discord. I didnt have his discord to pm him and talk to him so i'd have to ask a friend. Still making decisions on his own and asking me to apologise or you'll stay banned.How do you judge this action? Reasonable and fair? Or immature and aggressive? I've experienced the same thing before from other admins. Taking action on their own based on what they judge it's bad for server and community. 
I'm totally against these dictatorial like behaviours from some administrators of a video game server. This clearly reveals to me that you want to take revenge from what your boss does at you at work and how he treats you to some players of a video game. Aren't we all equals? Did i threaten,misstreat or put anyone to shame? Clearly not,as i said before we were just having fun with each other and we'd honestly like to resolve our issues and misunderstoods with each other. Since noone of us complained to admins (wich i assume not),admins shouldnt interfere,for inappropriate images i totally agree admins should interfere but for some cool conversations where 20 people are entertained regularly,no. Russell,if you're manager and developer,heart & soul of the server,then why do these fishes talk in your place and take actions on their mind,disrespecting every human right by their abusive behaviour? You should reconsider of replacing like half of your staff with better nice and educated guys,which you already have some but the rest are just retards and useless guys who say dont do that,dont do this because they think of themselves as some god or emperor,superior to everyone else.
Rather than making assumptions about what happened, and who did or did not complain, it would do you well to just focus on your own actions. To be clear, sentences such as the one in your example absolutely were shared, in disingenuously manipulated images, and multiple people made complaints.

As I wrote in the other appeal related to this, all communication on Las Venturas Playground is subject to our community guidelines. The messages and images you shared were unquestionably outside those realms, and directly contributed to making people feel unsafe within our community. I trust that you understand that that is not acceptable, and therefore I feel that the ban is just.

You will be allowed back on Discord tomorrow. Bantering is fine, having some fun is fine. Deliberately provoking other people you know are prone to crossing the line once they're agitated is not. Making people feel unsafe is not—the other people who were involved in those conversations have been spoken to already.

I strongly suggest that you take more direct bantering and trash talking to #cave, which has been created deliberately for that purpose, and has thus been marked as 18+. It's people's own decision whether they want to join that channel or not. However, racism, discrimination and illegitimately sharing people's private information, regardless whether it's fake or not, is prohibited there too.

To your point regarding Finisha: the purpose of our community guidelines is exactly to avoid individual judgement, and I think that worked well here. Where I think we can improve is to make sure that those who ban people from the Discord server don't have their chat restricted to just people who share a server with them. You are entitled to complain and be heard.
Hi Orlando ,

I trust that you understand Administrators role is ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and fair environment for all players, be it in-game or discord. You have taken your trolling to a whole new level with the inappropriate things you type or post. It will not be tolerated, please, kindly, refrain from continuing your disrespectful behavior / inappropriate trolling towards the players or the crew. It will only make your case worse than it already is. And I do not want to get into specific details of why you're banned from discord. The Management is well aware of those details and they have approved your ban.

This was posted shortly after you were banned, and since you did not see it, I'll quote Russell's own words, not mine.
(07-29-2020, 06:25 PM)Russell Wrote: Folks, you are to immediately stop sharing personal details, photos, and commenting on them in inappropriate ways

We'll hereby instate a zero tolerance policy based on that

I could not care less whether you're doing it as a joke or to hurt people - that has no place in this community
Let me just make this very clear to you that I have seen two cartoonist photos, one of was Russell standing on some bodies ( I don't wanna mention the names but I was involved in it) and one arrow was aiming directly on me. Fine, leave that aside but the other photo was highly disturbing and I didn't reply in any of the channel because of some other issues I had at that time. I was offended and I didn't want to step on a quicksand. Another administrator online at the time find it highly disturbing so he had to take actions. I don't exactly know the scenes behind that but neither I do care about that. Some kids under the age of 18 play this game too and have joined the discord server. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Multiple people made complaints,this is suprising to me,since noone said to me "Hey Orlando,dont mention my name in your jokes bcz it offends me",i only saw people laughing and having fun. Other than that anime picture,i didnt see any other case i went too far with my jokes. Russell,i see that one day punishment as reasonable and pretty fair,also the language you used to speak to me makes me accept your judgment without any reason to rebel against it or you. Here again you show me again that your respect is well deserved. While i cant say the same for those two who commented below. The first,Finisha says to me that i must apologise for unban,and anything i say in my defense can make my case even worse. We honor you your majesty and your orders are law for us,your humble and loyal servants. We will make sure your commandments will be applied by your soldiers as soon as possible. Please accept our apoligies in the name of our people.
As for Sophia,you seem to be having a lot of fun until yesterday,what happened that disturbed your peace? Did my cartoon memes disturb you only after yesterday's admin's actions on me and before you rolled on the floor laughing at our memes and jokes? So,now you all of the sudden support the other side and make me guilty and harmful to the community? I like your shift to the side with power,because that benefits your interests more. Why would i be feel ashamed? I'm not the one posting close to +18 images on facebook,and then not admitting that its me where clearly your face and hair are the same as the current profile picture you have on discord. Also,same name and same location/country is proof that that facebook profile is or was yours. Nice of you talking about shame pointing your finger to me when you're the one with a shameful photo on facebook. This should settle who cares more about the -18 kids of the community. For you two i have an advice to take example from your seniour above and chill,it's just a game and you're the administrators of it. It's clearly not on your benefit to dispell from the community funny and interesting guys like me and only keeping dead serious people who strictly follow every rule. I'm sure the chat will probably be dead without my and Sneax's presence there. Get some common sense and chill,we live in democracy and not dictature thank god. Try not to show comunist attitude in a community of a video game.
That still doesn't give you a right to decide its me or not. And it's totally not me. The reason I didn't say anything is because I had some other issues that made me leave discord for a day and I didn't bother looking at it until deer mentioned me in #general-talk. And then I started looking up at the chat and it already happened. I even told everyone there before that's its not me means it's not me. You wanted to turn that into one hell of a disturbing topic followed by disturbing pictures. I'm not wrong neither I changed. And one more thing to make all this clear, I'm a bloody human like you. I'm not born with any extraordinary superpowers that you are mentioning and just like you and everyone else in this world, I've a common heart, living a life just like you are having. If you don't understand this, then you can not understand the true meaning of respect, reality and life. I'm sorry for everything. 
I'm storming out of this appeal now. You can say whatever you want. I'll never bother you again 

Sophia Naz