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Improve registering process
TL:DR, the whole go to sa-mp.nl and register a account there feature, is just 2 much of a chore for the common loose of the goose player.
i suggest just adding a /register command ingame, but maybe later on, people can add their email adressses if they want expanding maybe their bank account or w.e

the way it is now is just, annoying
if it aint a die hard roleplay server where i have to do a whole exam 2 prove i know the difference between metagaming and that other type i dont see the necessity to jump all those hoops just 2 create account.
We already have that feature😊. We just don't enable it in our day to day activities.
also check this out https://forum.sa-mp.nl/thread-35141.html...egistering
Hey Greyfox,

You're absolutely right. To make it worse: on the Staging server we do support the "/register" command, so it's entirely possible and already implemented.

The reason that we don't support in-game registration is that LVP is (a) based within the European Union, and (b) a community with a significant amount of registered players. We are therefore subject to the GDPR legislation which, among other things, has strict requirements on consent and treatment of personal data. This means that people need to have a "reasonable ability" to read, comprehend and acknowledge our terms of service and privacy policies. We consulted with our lawyer a number of years ago before GDPR was instated, and concluded that offering in-game registration would be in violation.

I'm with you and I would love to make this easier, but doing so would be quite a project that would involve further consultations with lawyers. Given that donations have almost entirely dried up, we sadly don't have the funds for this right now.