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[Unbanned] Orlando's appeal
Exact Nickname:[AG]Orlando 
Date of the ban: 7/7/2020
Suspected Reason: Calling people dog
Extra notes: Admin [BA]Sophia having psychological issues. Always messing with me. Till now noone ever complained about me calling people dogs,just Sophia,not any players nor admins,just her. I dont like injustices,or taking things personally.
You were disrespecting players including me and we do not allow it as stated under Administration Guidelines. Please stop this act. Some of the people doesn't like it at all and you can't judge their feelings. It's a 1 day ban as a punishment.

Sophia Naz
This ban was discussed and has expired, and was followed up with a complaint which has been dealt with. As such, closing and moving to the appropriate section.

I'd like to repeat here once again that ban appeal threads must stay open until the ban has been resolved.