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Spirit Silent Aimbot
Im going to show you The video i recorded while dueling him And how he toggle his Aimbot So cleverly 

 He is using it very carefully :)) the day before this Duel .we dueled and he was so bad that he could barely take 30armour from me and he asked me that he is very bad he wants to train with me then the 2nd day he joined and he was completely something else First i caught him doing rapid Sniper shots on Newski And on me Twice Near Ship And i noticed him he would use SNiper aimbot so recklessly when he see's 2 players fighting and 3rd partied them with his aimbot Cuz no one would notice but i did and i tried to Act like im distracted with other players fighting And he just made 2 rapid headshots on me While fighting with [cb] Kibo 

note That he is using silent aimbot and its one of the most annoying undetactable Hack and he is smart enough to know when to toggle his Cheats which makes it more hard to detect but He clearly Busted himself Using it so recklessly Knowing that everyone knows already about his skills and Coming back after one day with cheats And showing people how u became from 0 to god Is too obviouse  anyways i will show you the duel after this duels i asked him to record his game video and post it while you play like that he recorded Nd you will be surprised to see his aim 

https://streamable.com/p2ej34    :  In the above video where he would barely miss any shot with weird accuracy  while in this video which he recorded while dueling one of my clanmate His aim was so poor and unstable and couldn't even point it correctly on his skin Which 100 percent makes him Suspiciouse 

Saw his poor aim the video he recorded ? 

NOw watch this :   i could barely make any damage on him and See how accurate his shots are while in the duel he uploaded clearly shows he had Bad aim Then how can his shots be so accurate lol ?

watch how he is toggling in this video :
If you see in the first round he took a nice dmg but when he toggled in the 2nd round his no recoil aimbot he wasn't taking dmg properly and His aim was so accurate unlike the first round

Now comes to sniper aimbot

 There is absolutely no explaination needed  since its so obviouse

Sniper aimbot P2:

Make sure to watch this last video to the end
I am terribly sorry for the late reply.

The user "[cB]spiriT" was banned some days ago by the management after the analysis of some data. He has been found using sniper aimbot to protect himself from large number of shooters. Thank you for filing this complaint.

Sophia Naz