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Login suggestion
My suggestion this time is to remove login and log out from the chat and show it on the death window or dont show it at all. Since the chat has became too heavy and it's annoying. When i type something,for less than a sec it goes to the top sometimes,especially if you're in a gang with many members. LW had this model btw (idk if i'm allowed to mention LW).
nice idea
auto login would be cool too
Good idea but next time post your suggestions in HERE.

Thank you for your suggestion. :-)
We could use "death reasons" 200 and 201 for connects and disconnects.

However personally I prefer them to be as they are. Personally I don't often look at the killboard (I don't really care who kills who). But I do like to know who joins and/or leaves. Besides I think the killboard can be a lot more spamy than the chat, making you miss joins and leaves. (And we'll have complications distincting between Quits, TimeOuts, Reconnects, Kicks and bans as there are only a limited amount of icons to be used in the KB.

Also don't forget you can use /pagesize to increase the amount of messages you see if you wish.