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Lag shot on demand
Hi folks -

As you know, our player base is quite divided between skin hit (our default) and lag shot (the old days). Since this morning, we have the ability to switch this on a per-player basis.

We're currently experimenting with this, and identifying how we can best integrate this in the rest of Las Venturas Playground.

Players can request lag shot to be enabled for them by asking an administrator. This has to be done once per session, and it does not persist. You can request lag shot only for `/deathmatch` matches, and we expect you to request being moved back to skin hit when you're done fighting.

Administrators can change sync for a player with the `/lagcompmode [player] [mode]` command. Mode "0" enables lag shot, mode "2" enables skin hit. Please do not use mode "1". You'll see a JavaScript error, please just ignore it. The command works.

It'll take us a couple of days to integrate this properly in our gamemode. Please use this topic for feedback, experiences and ideas.

Lovely idea, first time I see it being implemented this way, where we can have both skin/lagshot present in the server. Already tested it myself, seems neat af and simple to execute!

Awesome job, thanks Russell )
Thats a really good update
Suggestion: Can you add different deathmatch and duel commands that automatically change the mode when you enter them?
Hey Reni,

That's what we intend to implement soon :-)

We'll start off with specific deathmatch zones having either lag comp or lag shot depending on the settings.
If all goes well we'll look into adding it to more parts of the gamemode in the future (including FC).

We could also look into having two worlds:
1. (main world) lag comp.
2. (specific virtual world) lag shot.
Had such a blast lead aiming again last night, Thanks crew.