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[Unbanned] Sand
Exact Nickname: [BC]Sand(A)
Date of the ban: now
Suspected Reason: breaking rules
Extra notes: sophia banned me for 7 days for fake car entry

Didnt know it wasn5 allowed sry
When was the last time I got banned for breaking rules? 
Unban me plz
Hey sand,

Can you please update your topic and get rid of the insults and wishing for demotions? Just keep it to your appeal please.

Done xD
(05-24-2020, 07:07 PM)Sand Wrote: Didnt know it wasn5 allowed sry

Sure buddy.
Greetings Sand. Indeed it was I who banned you

Before I make decision regarding your ban, let me remind you that you were warned and punished numerous times for every rule you have broken and I interacted with you politely in each case and yet you didn't stop. Okay fine. Then you were jailed today for evading the death by joining /ww and then mocking me with a "nice try" private message which clearly indicate that you did it on a purpose and recently you did fake car entries to overthrow your opponent to death. Not once but twice you did as per seen this video. I warned you Sand. I warned you every time and you replied to me as "it was a mistake". This one was not a mistake. Please follow the rules. It is my humble request to you.

You will be allowed to play again on 30th of May. If you try to ban evade by any means then extra 10 days will be added.

Stay home stay safe and please respect some players

Edit: I forgot to add something. My decision is final and inevitable
Why does he get banned for 3 days and I get banned for 7?

for the ship nading I wasnt actually ship nading I was throwing nades near the ship

And for the timeouts I can prove that every single one of them is real

So that means 7 days for fake car entry only?

It's okay u can reply  :)
(05-24-2020, 10:46 PM)Sand Wrote: It's okay u can reply  :)

You need to stop spamming the forums man, you'll be unbanned when you're unbanned. Not before, maybe after.

I'm not spamming, I'm trying to get my point across 

Let's take Fallen for example: he has been reported twice and the 2 times he was only warned 

Everybody else who rule breaks gets maximum a 3 day ban 

Why did I get a 7 day ban for fake car entry and not 3 days for example 
And remember the 1 year thing Sophia just wrote in the complaint about fallen
You'll be unbanned on the 2nd of June 2020,

What other players do / have done, has nothing to do with you, or your ban / appeal.

Now please, just stop, it's not going to get you unbanned.

<3 :+