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Vampire_ aimbot
some random noob sniper aimbot


its clearly aimbot

(and demote beaner for banning me)
And before u tell me it's not cheats how did he shoot me through the chassis of the infernus?
Your 11 seconds video is not proving anything similar to aimbot. It could be lucky shots and you could have recorded more fighting scenes. However, we are not going to let this report wasted so we will observe and investigate this user.

Thank you for reporting.

Edit: I have received your new comment during my comment posting. This is basically a feature of DM where sniper rifles can make head shots even through car body when player is either sitting as a passenger or driving a car. I think there's no need to make you familiar about head shots and things as you are not a baby. You are playing this game for years. Anyways I think I've done explaining it to you.
So he headshotted me twice without missing any shots and 1 while I was in the air and still doesnt prove anything? Ur just mad about our 5-0 duel