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[SUG]More ways to spend money?
The only way one can spend money is by Buying a House (One time investment, doesn't change house for long time) and weapons which are cheap too.

1) Teleport around map (taxi, tow, tp, ctp, tune, etc)
2) Weapons (both spawn and regular weapons are temporary and don't carry on in new sessions)
3) Properties (temporary for a session)
4) Sign-up for Minigames (/ww, /sawnoff)
5) Misc cmds (/dive, /nos, /slap, /bitchslap)

CURRENT WAYS TO SPEND MONEY LONG TIME/PERMANENT (remembered across different sessions)
1) Houses (Once bought, it is yours)
2) Gang chat encryption (4 weeks time)

I would like to see more "Permanent features/ Long time features" on which players can spend money. And will be remembered across different sessions.
What kind of features?

1) Purchase Spawnable vehicles (like /inf). Currently we have to spray 100 tags to unlock this ablity. What if we let people "BUY" the ability (after spraying 100 tags off) to spawn vehicles for a specific amount of time (like pay *100m for 1 month). Like /v buy then it will show a Dialog Box in which we can select cars and pay a price for them. Also can use the number of tags sprayed to unlock how many vehicles can be purchased)

2) Purchase the ability to custom color my vehicle. (Like *100m to unlock /v color for players)

3) Purchase the ability to buy permanent weapons.(which will stay with me acrosscdifferent sessionss, already a thread in Development section)

4) Purchase the ability to change ramps (Not the long ramp which is for admins). Currently players can change it without any price. But most of the players don't know there is a feature like this I bet.

5) Purchase the ability to do /show message command. (This CMD was recently removed for normal players)

6) Purchase the ability to spawn rampcars.

7) Purchase the ability to unlock /dance moves. Need to add more animations for this... 

More ways to spent money like something competitive where players can compete for the money and bet money on race/duels/ jumps etc..

For example, recently I did a /jump 21 challenge where everyone was trying to reach the Corona in that jump (which was tough and competitive) and I gave out money to players who did complete the jump successfully.
I do this kind of challenge every now and then... It would be fun if we could have something from server side which will encourage players to bet/invest money on other players duels.

For example, *A fight between Jasmine and LikeG6 has started /fight watch 0 to watch /fight bet 0 (playerID) [amount] to bet money on the player.
If I bet like 100 millions on Jasmine, someone else bets like 50 millions on G6 and Jasmine rekt G6 then Jasmine and players who bet on her to win, WILL GET 150 millions, from those 150 millions a specific percentage of money will go to Jasmine cuz she did all the work, and I'll also gain some profit out of it.

There is no extra money generated from the server, only money is transferred this way.

I know it's not gonna be easy to practically implement all this, but I had some free time so just wanted to jot down all these points over here... I hope most of these things (or atleast some) get implemented in-game before qurantine ends <3
*you can change these values to whatever you feel appropriate.
Thank you for your input, Halsey.

We indeed have to acknowledge the fact that there isn't much to do with money and that we have to focus more on the user experience.
I'm sure that some of these ideas are already on our minds to see how best to have them implemented. However, as we are working towards a better LVP certain things will take a little bit of time.

All I can say is that with our focus on ''the players" the user experience will surely be getting better and better!