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chiraq abuse ex staff+Yajuj uc no spread
ch1r4q aka Deer_Hunter is fake entry to a car /taxi away when he see 3v1 and hes 160 hp already we shoting him
also he faking timeouts idk how,he was hs bugged.
also i had many reports over the days about Yajuj some kind of aim no spread this guy is hackin and u staff didnt take any action also goes for chiraq
cuz many times he did it with /taxi and sniper bugged
take action please wake up staff(NOT all from the staff only few)
chiraq didnt use any hack just abusing
If you've reported some players to certain administrators, I suggest you take this up with them personally and find out what's being done to monitor them.  (I see no reports about Yajuj)
Please provide evidence the next time you decide to report anyone on the forum.