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So what's the deal here? You keep unbanning him and he comes back to insult and break rules? After he wrote that^, admin [CP]Humza said how he is gonna warn him instead of banning, and that G6 is gonna receive a long mute this time. Such a punishment for a repeated rule-breaker who keeps doing the same everytime he gets the chance to play.

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So 15~ minutes is what you consider long? It was so efficient, as always. 

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And all of this isn't enough for a ban? [CP]Humza ( who probably didnt make the decision on his own ) told me that G6 is gonna be given YET another chance. 

I'm asking a simple question, where this hypocrisy comes from, why is he privileged, and has more rights than us? So we all have to take this guy's bullshit because some of admins personally symphatize with his mental state and decide not to pay to attention to his actions? Is this the case?
I've just given LikeG6 a final, formal warning, and have instructed all administrators to amend their behaviour regarding him, including use of "#FreeG6" statements and similar.

I've further outlined three basic rules to him, which administrators have been instructed to act on accordingly:
  1. No threatening of LVP,
  2. No use of disease-based profanity,
  3. No discrimination, racism or insulting people's families.
This directly encapsulates the complaint you've filed - thank you for that Dear_Hunter.

No problem. 

Let's see what it takes.

(05-17-2020, 04:04 PM)Russell Wrote: [*]No threatening of LVP,
[*][Image: txixq4Y.png]
LikeG6 was banned yesterday at noon for death evasion offense. Thank you for filing this complaint.