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Expanding the map
Back in 2011, Jay used to occasionally load a script on the server which included an entire city off the coast of Los Santos. It was a nice mix of Las Venturas, Los Santos, and San Fierro combined. I believe he termed it 'Dead city' or 'Dead island'. It was a fun place for cruises, chasing bounty targets, building custom races (when that was a thing!), creating hard-to-find properties, etc.

Now that we have too many houses on LVP, something like that would be useful in giving us more room for stuff, and enabling a better freeroam experience for players.

Here are some of the screenshots:

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This place was huge. Not sure why we got rid of it, since the server seemed stable enough back then.
Russell, can something like this be brought back as a permanent feature?
That seems wonderful like heaven . If it is implemented . I would be rushing to shift my house there xD.
(05-15-2020, 05:57 PM)Specifer Wrote: That seems wonderful like heaven . If it is implemented . I would be rushing to shift my house there xD.

Woha thanks for the trip down memory lane.
I forgot all about this thing. +1 to bring it back.
Looks great , +1 !
Ah yeah, I remember this map.

In response to your PM, I don't have the files anymore unfortunately :'(

Looks like it was called Dead City indeed, and it was introduced in LVP 2.94 according to this forum post: https://forum.sa-mp.nl/thread-28522.html

When we used subversion, there used to be a directory called "tags" which had the source code for major archived versions. Not sure if this was backed up anywhere prior to switching over to git - maybe Russell knows.

Alternatively - you could try having a search on the SA-MP forums. Since SA-MP 0.3d was released, I remember the SA-MP community posted quite a few island maps which were pretty kick-ass, as 0.3d introduced some newer models for island building.

Edit: it could be worth checking the "filterscripts" directory on the live server, as it could be in there...?
Hah! What a coincidence. Badeend shared the full SVN repository with me yesterday :)

I can see a whole bunch of map data that we don't currently have, including LSIsland.pwn and various stunt maps that existed in the main world, made by eF.Pedro.

Sadly, the old code was published under a very different license than MIT:

 * Las Venturas Playground
 * This file is part of the Las Venturas Playground San Andreas: Multiplayer
 * gamemode source code. While most of our code will be freely available please
 * note that certain limitations apply. The entire license may be read at
 * the following webpage.
 * http://sa-mp.nl/about/rules/source-code.html
 * In a nutshell; you are not allowed to copy more than a single method from
 * the Las Venturas Playground source for your own purposes. In case you wish
 * to use larger pieces, components or handlers originating from our source,
 * please contact the development team using development@sa-mp.nl.

Given that the actual license does not exist anymore, this has no legal backing, and it'll be infeasible at best to try to contact all contributors, I think it'll be difficult to publish this on GitHub. I'm fine with my code being published thought, and Jay, if you are too, we should be able to share the majority of the code. (After all, you wrote most of it!)

I'm also happy to send you a copy of the repository directly :)
Jay! Fuck I miss you Man, hope all is well.

I remember it briefly, the houses will sell quick as, some of the prices are steep newcomers bork at the prices.