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Expanding the map
(06-15-2020, 01:25 PM)Russell Wrote: Hah! What a coincidence. Badeend shared the full SVN repository with me yesterday :)

Nice, I thought the days of Subversion where long gone  :D  

Yeah, LSIsland.pwn rings a bell. More than happy for anything with my name against it to be published. 

Some of those maps that were made by Pedro were exceptionally good, and he committed a lot of time into perfecting them. 

One particular map, which I think was called "A taste of things to come" was a really good and detailed map that went unused. The .PWN file should include all of the map data (objects, checkpoints, spawn coords).

It might be worth having a look over these maps. They could be used to overhaul the lame /map system that's in place from the LVP 2.9 days - might tie in nicely with your new achievements system ;)