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Investing in gangs
Hi all -

There's something we've been playing with that we'd like to solicit your ideas and opinions about: gang zones.

On Las Venturas Playground, we've got gangs—groups of players working together, and we've got houses—the ability for players to permanently establish themselves on the map. This gives us enough information to determine zoning: any area in which the active members of gang are dominant will become their territory.

So, what does that look like in practice? In steps:
  • A gang is considered eligible for a zone when they have at least five active members on the server.
  • A gang member is considered active when they've visited the server in the past six months, with extensions based on online time.
  • A gang area is any area in which more than 50% of the gang's active members own a house. They have to be reasonably close together.
  • Gang dominance is granted when most of the houses in a gang area are owned by a gang's members, when they're active or not.
This is all a bit technical. You can read even more details in this GitHub description if you're interested. Let's talk about what it means:
  • Any group of five or more active players is eligible to get a zone.
  • This isn't limited to one zone: they could have one in Las Venturas, one in San Fierro, and one underwater for all I care. Up to eight. This does depend on the number of houses their members can own. (VIPs can have up to three.)
  • Such zones will be permanently displayed on the map, in their colour.
That brings me to the purpose of this topic. What can you actually do with a gang zone?

We're undecided about this, and in the first release (likely LVP 44) we'll only display the zones. We'd love to hear your ideas here!

Some of mine:
  • We could allow gangs to buy health regeneration for their zone, making it appealing to have local fights.
  • Gangs could be allowed to purchase barriers, watch towers, barrels and other things to develop their own area and defences.
  • Vehicles local to area could become configurable by the gang, for example to always be black, or a particular sort of vehicle.
  • Maybe we'll want to allow gangs to be able to play a certain music stream in their zone?
Let us hear your ideas! I've attached a map showing you where the first three zones would be based on the current gangs and houses. Who they belong to is left as an exercise to the reader, and this will change over time as gangs change their mobilisation.

The map:

[Image: zones.jpg]
Hi all!

Complements and ideas:
  • Exclusive clothing itens for the members of gang with personal color: red cap; blue shirt; black pants etc
  • A private custom sport tuning car for each member/ one of all that would come with: neon lights; pulsing body painting color etc
  • The jetpack which could also be added -with the right proportions of availability- randomly in cases of a gang dominates other's territory
  • For VIP gang members (which would surely increase the amount of players getting them rights by getting it) allowing the ability of watch/ spectate other player's gameplay -with the right proportions/ duration-
  • Attaching itens to the player's avatar: helmet; tattoo; skateboard etc
For the clan territory:
  • Getting aware when somebody steps into your base/ gang territory
  • Ability to modify the interior of the house by adding/ moving furniture
  • A pickup icon that allows to buy exclusive powers: nuke; avatar's camouflage etc
  • Add a tank/ hydra -exclusive for the members-
This is a really cool idea . Good work Russell . In my opinion I think we must have a gang house and if members of other gangs attacks completly all the gang members of their zone . They get rid of gang dominance and they are allowed to establish their own gang zone . Whilst the houses of gang members shall be evicted from that place . It would really turn up the heat and fun .
I have neither seen a gang system before nor do I able to understand these suggestions. I think I will have to wait and see how does it look.