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Predict the future
(08-13-2021, 08:47 AM)PigBenis Wrote: I’m gonna say honestly bro, I’m certain everyone that’s played this server in the past has a lot of stuff to deal with in their own life, and want to experience new things instead of playing GTA San Andreas for 3 more years. The game it’s self is dead. People still come and go. Aint no one in the management tryna kill the server. If you want to post on the forums and “predict the future” of the server be positive atleast. Saying stuff like this only discourages and it isn’t exactly inspiring either.

Bru wtf. This was a year ago xd when the server was just brought back. Why are you replying to me as if I said now lol?

(08-10-2021, 07:16 PM)Sophia Naz Wrote: Predictions can be delusions, you can't draw an outcome from that. Sure we have seen the server going up like charms and crashing down like a plane in the past but that doesn't mean the server just ended up. People have responsible lives ahead of them and the people you've mentioned have spent their lives coding the scripts for the betterment of LVP, why would they use the kill switch for all their efforts? I would ask you to please think about that once more and put yourself in their boots for once.

Deadman bro look at the date that I posted this thread xd.
What do matter are your words, never too late to say anything though.

I've also heard from the sources that the Rockstar North has confirmed redoing GTA 3 and VC with offical remastered version. If it gets successful then they will surely consider redoing San Andreas in no time. It could bring back everyone if this samp remain compatible with the newer version of the game. Let's just hope it works this way
social media will create another list of things we can put on the DSN list, new mental illnessezes will be developed because what the user is experiencing in early life is only digital therefor not really XP building shit and stuff.