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Multi ideas
Big Grin 
1- Make player able to buy props from bank account "no need Developer"
2- Make Ship More Safer by putting some glass to avoid bomb shit or make who shot one on ship get 3 warnings then kicked " idk if that need develpoer or not"
3- Make something for people to spend money so they do not get boring like New Cars u buy mode your own cars bullet broof tires bound,,etc " That will need a developer" 
4- Buy goods and deliver then Work Solo player so if server empty they can enjoy "need a developer" 
5- and it is most important one Make Safe mode player can chill without getting annoyed only can go to chill mode once each 15 minutes to avoid abusing it chill man cannt use any weapons or be attacked like ghost to other players exsist but no one can kill him
at the end i want to say developer is just normal man has readed the codes and learned how it works he fail one and two ..and may be to too many times but he finally successfully made it all u have to do is to read the script and learn from it 
Best Wishes i wrote this because ik you care