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Transfer VIP status
Is it possible to transfer my VIP status from me to another player?
I won't use it anymore.
Yes it is possible, but think twice before doing so. You can pm Beaner with the name of player you want to transfer VIP. As he is active and has forum manager position .
[DS]Beyond Wrote:Hi.

I wanna transfer my VIP Status to:

[InS]FreakingsPL (on Server)
FreakingsPL (here, on Forum)

This means only that he'll benefit from my past contribution.
Any further contribution is up to him only.

I also wanna transfer all my in-game $$$ to player:

Motivation: Quitting.


You'll have to send an e-mail to Sander (sander@sa-mp.nl) to know if this can be done, since he's the person in charge of VIP rights.
However, I can transfer your in-game money to gabs6.

We're sorry to see you go. I hope you'll reconsider your decision.