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Difficult but exiting purpose of LVP Reunion
Hi all.

In these days it's hard to meet some veteran (non-admin, non-managements) players on the serve.
It happens that I've met two of them the last afternoon.

Chit-chatting, we came up with the idea of call a Big LVP Reunion.

IDK if a reunion of veteran players has already been made or whether this has been successful or a failure.

I'd just want to talk about it here with some experience admin/manager/vip player.
Maybe we can call a big cruise :D

The difficult part could be reaching most of those long time missing members.
Some options we can talk about in resolving this problem:
- Website post announcement (the event will be 3 months from the announcement)
- Forum thread to talk about it
- Newsletter (GDPR topic here of course) to all players that have an old account. (We'd have to talk about what "old" is)

Let's discuss it.
I'm in for whatever new comes ??
Won't be easy to achieve but I'll be glad to assist getting the news to some oldschool members via Steam.
No one else's interested besides Agent and Specifier?
(04-07-2019, 07:32 PM)Agent Wrote: Won't be easy to achieve but I'll be glad to assist getting the news to some oldschool members via Steam.
 tbk is best for cruises, we need to have him on sometime when he is free.
sounds cool
If possible, perhaps we can pull all email addresses and send an invitation? Think BIG go BIG right?
Nice idea, I'll alarm everyone in LVP discord.
I can manage and invite some Oldiez from Blood Brothers + some of old players I have in Steam.

Also it would be perfect to have topic, with sa-mp and GTA-SA installion instructions. Because there are players, who have been pause of gaming over 5+ years and having some trouble to install it back correctly.

Invitation plan - date (reccomended date is in weekend), time (plus timezone - with different locations or just GMT 0), following plan and actions, what will happen (cruise, fight, minigames etc). Channels, by what and where people will be invited (email, forum, clan).
A great spot to send notifications would be LVPs facebook pages. I got into contact with a few old homies before. We all, as well as them have one giant group contact right there. Of course then we'd be on a name basis.