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Why haven't more games utilised the "Nemesis system" from the Shadow of Mordor games?
Like the title says, I'm just wondering what everyone thinks on this, as I know that was far and away the best part about those games.
Now obviously just coming in and copying the exact thing and calling it something like "The Enemy System" would be rather dumb, but really the only game I see having any sort of similar system is Total War: Three Kingdoms. Which makes sense in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms period where these larger than life characters interact with each other and develop these relationships.
But like I said, that's really the only one I know of at the moment. If I'm wrong and there are more I'm development or already out, feel free to let me know. I just want to know why such a promising and cool system hasn't been more widely utilised.Xvideos Xnxx Chaturbate