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This community (CAMIN BULEVAR) has existed for many years on this server.It all begun in the streets of littlewhitey's.We would always crush whatever got in our way. The guys who play here and who will grow old here have decided that the clan will go public.Not even assuming that this server will be playing for many years.They will take advantage of the experience and confront each problem that lies ahead of them. This is one company that is here for a reasom.Our goal is clear, this community will continue for years after the samp is die. There is not much demand from the players, it is clear that it is there for each other and will always be for other players! We work together with our outstanding teamwork ability to form a single unstoppable unit.Many wonder what this means? Here's the answer, this is our end, that's what we call it, and it will always remain.That is why we are working towards the best and we hope that it will remain so.It is not difficult to join with us, hang out with us for a few days and if we see that you are interested in entering and obeying the rules of the server, we receive you, it means only enjoying and resting. If we see that you are not ready yet, you have to prove to us.Any cool player and good guy can join the clan, of course it will be under our decision, we don't ask for much. So much for the clan and our communitie. Have no forum, all you need to do is contact the game, any member from clan.We recruit only the finest players in terms of personality and skill. At early recruitment stage, personality is most important. As you pass through our recruitment methods you gain the necessary skills and become a true player. Loyalty, teamwork, enjoyability and individual skill combined our team a great and unique clan of close bonded players.We have no forum, all you need to do is contact the game, any member from clan. History will be written ..

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Founders and Leaders
[cB] Kibo
[cB] DziGi
[cB] Kure
[cB] Coda
[cB] Kalu

Co Leaders
[cB] Freakins

[cB] Rage
[cB] Sensei
[cB] Pakitoo
[cB] Maddy
[cB] SinDacco
[cB] Cypher
[cB] dbarr
[cB] Impulse
[cB] Sivert
[cB] dos
[cB] Freon
[cB] Zexko
[cB] TinA
[cB] Qriuz
[cB] Foxcon
[cB] Stevan
[cB] Kan1st3r
[cB] Kikita
[cB] maXine
[cB] RootBeer
[cB] Night$tar 
[cB] Gunn3R

All the rules you can ask our leader/recruiter.


Ask members ingame for more information.

Current recruiting:Yes
I hope this clan will last for long....

Always fun to see a new clan on the Playground. Wish this clan all the best & welcome!
Good luck!
Good luck
Thanks guys!
Good luck my friend <3
Thank you, Azz!
Good luck man , I hope u get more players !
Good luck guys!