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A reminder about our services

I'm happy to inform all of you that some of our services are available to all players once again!
  • LVP radio is back online. All players can now request temporary or permanent voice rights in #LVP.Radio in order to be able to DJ at any time.
  • VIPs may request permanent rights in #LVP.echo and on the forum as well.
  • Our nickname policy is still valid. You may request certain old/used nicknames if they meet all the listed criteria.
  • You may also request all your stats to be reset as mentioned here.
  • Managers will be able to assist you with recovering your old accounts.
  • VIPs may request an additional alias for their accounts, which would enable to them to use two login names/nicknames for the same account.
  • Regular players may request 1 house with 2 parking slots & VIPs may request up to 3 houses with up to 4 parking slots per house, in-game.
We are also back on SA-MP's hosted tab, and look forward to seeing you all in-game!