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Gaming laptop. Looking for fast answer
Asusย Rog strix GL553VE-FY025 vs Lenovo y 720! Wich o eshould I chose guys please?
what gpus they use?
Asus has only one cooling fan while compared to Lenovo Y720 has 2.

In my case, I wouldn't chose any of those. I'm having an HP Omen, and it's working like a beast, I just don't trust Lenovo, and an Asus with only one cooling fan looks like problems with over heating in a close future.

Try looking at Dell 7577 or HP Omen, since all of those laptops including yours are in the same price range.
Go for Lenovo, Thank me later
I own 2 Lenovos

Also, here is some data representation regarding durability and quality of products being sold by some company's that might help you choose better one :)
[Image: aHR0cDovL3d3dy5sYXB0b3BtYWcuY29tL2ltYWdl...4xLmpwZw==]
Don't get Lenovo Y720.

It was just released and there are already people popping up saying that their laptop hes "sleep" issues, which can be found accros the Lenovo forums and youtube.
Same as their previous model Y520, that had inbuilt keyboard problem and dozen of people had to send laptop back and wait for 1 month repair.

They are just unreliable.
Well,such problems are very minute and any experienced pc user can handle out those easily in several tries, most of the times these problems are due to duel gfx and drivers on a single data storage machine or bad windows update, rarely it is a cause of loose wiring or any hardware problem. If unfortunately that sleep stuff strikes on your pc my dear than you can always take that product to nearby Lenovo customer service for further diagnoses. I'm experienced in this field, you can always ask me for help. Also to minimize the risk of getting that very minute sleep disorder in your machine, what you can do is buy SSD version and not hybrid HDD version. If these minute issues makes you paranoid then i would recommend going for Asus Rog and not anything else. Your choice to choose in between is already good :+
I have DELL inspiron 15 7000 .. pretty good gaming laptop with its coolers ...
I would always go Dell/HP/Asus over Lenovo myself.

I own a HP Omen 17 and it works perfectly fine.
Out of curiosity, which one did you go for?