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LVP Tournament
Hey there players of Las Venturas Playground! The crew of LVP: Tournaments and I would like to introduce a project we've been working on lately.

About us

The idea of bringing joy into LVP with tournaments came to life & was launched on April 28, 2017. In the beginning Edz was working alone and due to a lot of obligations, the project was unfortunately put aside & not taken care of. It was not until the beginning of 2018 when things started to evolve, new plans were being discussed & taken into consideration. In all of this seriousness, We decided to form & expand the team - something that was necessary to keep this project alive & maintained properly. 
The team currently consists of four members: Edz, zkippi, PiggyBenis & [BB]DoctorG

[Image: kakTVpk.png]

Goals & Visions

Goals are a huge matter & takes a part of the envisioned future of this project. We always strive to work towards reaching our goals in the best way possible. Setting goals is easy, but working towards them, making changes & updates, and starting new projects within this project is difficult. We may still have a long way to go towards reaching those goals. But thats the beauty of having four crew members working hard & together to make this happen. The envisioned goals of this project are:
  • Filling the streets of Las Venturas Playground with joy & fun.
  • Bring together the players of LVP & doing something that everyone enjoys.
Altough much of the goals & visions are centered around the gameplay, we've also got visions outside of the game. Some of the visions we have are:
  • Maintaining the crew & making sure we're working good together
  • Maintaining the site with updates & refreshments. (e.g uploading videos after every tournaments, results, pictures etc).
  • Tons of works behind the scenes.

What can you expect?

The project is still in early stages & under development. But briefly you can expect:
  • Alot of fun during the tournaments. As people will gather & play together its no secret that this will be alot of fun.
  • Tournaments to be held all around the year. Major tournaments will be held three or four times each year. Mainly on dates when most people got vacations & holiday to have the highest number of participants as possible. So everyone is able to participate & take part in the fun! Minor tournaments will be held in between the major ones to keep the joy up & to maintain the project aswell.

  • A site that will provide any information needed about this project & upcoming tournaments. The site is still under development but make sure to peek in every now and then to get the latest news at: http://tournament.sa-mp.nl/.
  • A dedicated crew. As this is an attempt to bring as much energy & fun into LVP as possible, we are always making sure the crew is working on something & putting some efforts into this project.
  • A fair gameplay during the tournaments. To maintain a fair tournament as possible - every fight held will be watched by one of the crew members to make sure everything goes smoothly & good.
Instructions some weeks before every tournaments is held, we will inform you guys with information & instructions on how to:
  • Sing up & participate.
  • How the tournament will be played (e.g 1v1, 2v2, rules & system of playing).
  • Giveaways. Its obvious that the best fight of each tournament should be rewarded. Therefor you can expect to win every kind of prizes from gift cards on Steam to properties ingame. Alot of variety!

If anyone has any suggestion or would like anything specific to happen, any ideas are always welcome to us.
If this introduction did not answer any question that you may have - make sure to ask us anything & we'll be more than happy to answer.

- The crew behind the project LVP: Tournaments.
Keep up the job guys nice!
Gotta love that dedication zkippi! Good luck with your project pal :)
Tournaments, mmm yummy.
Im very excited to bring this to life
Awesome work guys! Really excited!
Ooooooh it happening!!!
Looking forward to it, good work guys!
Good job guys :)