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(02-19-2018, 06:11 PM)t0m93 Wrote: Hi all, thanks so much. I've just had a nightmare weekend at work. I do love my job working with kids, but sometimes it's just seriously hard work...but yeah it's all done and I have a less busy week so...should be able to see people on the server.

Please don't be offended if I don't want to fight you, or run away from fights, I'm trying to re-learn the server and learn how to make money again through properties. I've been playing so far to learn where properties are and I am not even buying weapons from the gun shop.

I will start to fight again soon, but just remember I've not played in over 6 years and back then, that was only a small short term return so I'm nearly 9 years rusty.

I really would appreciate it and respect those, who do end up killing me, to not be a knob about it, until we have that rapport at least ;)

Have a nice evening everyone, but for now I need sleep, as I've had 4 hours each night since Wednesday morning and I'm exhausted.
Good night uncle.
(02-16-2018, 06:42 PM)t0m93 Wrote: Not a new player, just returning. My Ign is TouchmE

I'm a casual player so...none of this competitive rivalry crap. I was a bit of a tryhard back in 2008/2009 and even joined [BB] for a short time (I have a video of the 2 year anniversary still on my YT channel from October 2009) and think the gang was a really good place to be. Yeray was an awesome guy that's for sure.

Any skill that i had back in the old days (which was small anyway) is pretty much gone, and I get headaches playing GTA:SA on a 34" curved superwide gaming monitor (it looks weird) so until I sort that out, I'll be just chilling around, maybe building my money up a bit.

I remember that awesome property near Camelot but you had to sort of glitch into a building using some /world commands to get inside...for now. I don't know where the properties are.

What I do know is, I'll be buying VIP so I can disable people tp'ing to me while I figure out my left to my right hand.

Hope everyone is well, and it'll be nice to see some really really old names again, it was certainly hilarious reading back my old forums posts, especially when I kept getting caught in the ban range of a cheater and slein was trying to get it sorted :D

Oh, I also work crazy hours, to the point where I can work for 9-10 days in a row, then have loads of days off, It's in a children's respite care home and I fucking love it. Being paid to play football with the kids, or take them to the cinema (I get in free) is certainly a perk to an already awesome and rewarding job that's for sure. It does mean my personal / social life is impacted, so gaming comes last now.

Edit: God, how cringy is my old signature?
:w :+