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Westside Hooligans - [wH]
[Image: 29egi2u.png]

[wH] - Westside Hooligans

We're officially ready to announce the upcoming rise of our new clan 'Westside Hooligans'!

The [wH] clan was founded on 23rd of January 2017 by three good friends  -  zkippi/er, H3RO & outkast (also known as Ezio). As the three Hooligans roamed around the streets of Las Venturas Playground - it didnt make more sense to them than to create a clan. All three of them shared the same goals and visions, so they decided to start sharing the same future as well. Therefore the three Hooligans gathered in one place forming a gang, and started their long journey on finding more of their own kind: powerful, honest and trustworthy hooligans on the west side. They had sealed their own fate, promising to never give up on their dream of forming a whole gang of hooligans to rule the streets of Las Venturas. A new era had been created, the era of the Westside Hooligans. To join them is not easy, but once you do you can never go back, because the never retreating hooligan soul never regrets a battle! Expect them in the streets of Las Venturas Playground very soon....

[Image: 2i87hwy.png]

[Image: 33msm1l.png]

[Image: 2i87hwy.png]

The [wH] clan is currently not allies/clanpartner with anyone yet. However we're open about it.

Send me a PM here in the forum!

Good luck and all the best for the wH's!

Good luck boys!
aye aye  *O* *O*
all the way up Westside Hooligans!!!  8)
Goodluck boys! ;)
vary nice
GL ma Hooligans!
Good luck, that is a nice intro. Need any help in assembling discord or forum, hit me up.
Long live Hooligans ♥
Good luck :+
Good luck !
Good luck