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Desynced skin-rotation(Sleep's reports)

I wanna clarify something, about bullets which come 'sideways' from the opponent towards the player..or in other words about cases like Sleep's recent complaints about Lukaz and Franco..

3months ago or something I played on a Cops and Robbers Server (which is now closed) and there was an admin called VanillaGorilla inviting people who he thinks might cheat to a duel and fighting them..afterwards most of them got banned for aimbot. As proof he uploaded the same screenshots as Sleep showed in his 2 complaints against Lukaz and Franco..later a guy was lucky who got banned but later unbanned cause he had his whole gameplay recorded..later even I got banned, but immediately unbanned after I uploaded the video of my whole gameplay which is still on my channel..and ONLY AFTER THAT they noticed that this happens also from laggs/desync and not only silent aim..

Just reporting this cause I was annoyed when it happened to so many guys back then and I don't want it to start here too :)
There is a huge difference between lags and silent aim..just wanted to prevent a mass of bans for wrong reasons like in that other server
You can review the whole case about the other guy here and convince yourself: PAGE

Regards.. :)

Edit: I noticed that you have to be registred in that other forum to read the thread so I'm just posting the links to the videos:

The admin's 'proof' to ban him for aimbot:


His gameplay:
I hope the staff of LVP takes Pwner's statements, opinion & facts under consideration when judging the report against me,This is no fun situation to be put against.

Thank you pwner for making this post, taking your time & explaining it all!
Lukasz you gonna get banned for 1 week tho, /Jail abuse, you even admitting it remember? XD
Well Pwner, since Franco told us in game that he recorded the duel, he can uploead them and send them to Administration. :)