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[BBG] Billionaire Boys Gang
Welcome to the forum thread of Billionaire Boys Gang.
The Billionaire Boys Gang's goal is to gather a group of players to become billionaires, kill non-gang members and gain terrorium on the Las Venturas Playground.

"We do it for the money, we billionares!"

[Image: Bentley_Plane_And_Car.jpg]

Join Us

The gang is recruiting new players! You can apply by replying with a request to this forum thread, contact the gang leader or e-mail: 4rjan@4rjan.com


Gang Leader
  • 4rjan
Gang Members


  • Friendly players to team-up with.
  • Opportunity to get free house(s).
  • Opportunity to get free weapons.
  • Opportunity to get free money.
  • Property location sharing.
  • Opportunity to get free VIP.

Rules & Requirements

  • No foul use of language.
  • No cheating.
  • No use of forbidden glitches (see LVP rules).
  • Don't kill gang members without permission or battle request of the fellow gang member.
  • Don't buy properties from gang members without permission of the fellow gang member.
  • Set your house(s) available for other gang members.
  • Further do all server rules apply, as documented: https://sa-mp.nl/about/rules/gameserver.html
1 week
Is that your own profile pic ?

Good luck
Goodluck bro ;)
Welcome, good luck .
@Snickers, i know you, you are a nice guy.
Good Luck with your gang.
Dafuq? i joined just the gang not a clan lol why my name there! i dont have the tag xD hope that my name get deleted from there soon xD

Already better than HM clan, good luck :)