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Rules are Important part of life? nope? but they should be considered here-

Quote:NOTE~ [GOR] can kill anyone except ally clan mentioned below, no member /leader can pressurize any other member to spare anyone ::) my allies are mine.. not yours , your allies are yours not mine ;)

Never Use Hacks or Cheats (you will be Kicked)

Try to cooperate with team

Be mature and listen to your members, try to express your creative thoughts :)

Do not flame, ignore aggressive players.. be calm!

Before changing nickname ask teammates, for proof

If you want to invite new mates, ask them to file application fist

Without Founders Permission Promotion and demotion is disallowed

Show respect to others

Remember coordination is the key to success for a gang/clan

Custom events can be organised based on interest of community

If u pass the application you can then put [GOR] tag in front or after your registered name

Registration is compulsory for filing application*

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Sachin_Dudes[GOR] ~ Founder 

BlackBoss~ Leader/Head Mod

Jibin[GOR] ~ Head Executive

Alexandervucic[GOR] ~ Member

Kecmeeej[GOR] ~ Member

DanDasilva[GOR]~ Member

Micr[GOR] ~ Member

joker_red3[GOR] ~ Member

[Air]Zero[GOR] ~ Member

FrozenRS[GOR]~ Member

Hellboz[GOR]~ Member


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Ally Clans-


[Image: bannerfans_19341292.jpg]
Wow, the Founder really looks like the original indian mob leader
Thumbs Up 
Good luck
GoodLuck GOR !
Good luck to your clan! Wouldn't recommend sharing your pic with us, though. Many immature ppl around.
Good luck :)
Goodluck Sachin!