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Other games ~vs~ SA-MP
(06-16-2017, 04:31 PM)LukaZ Wrote:
(06-16-2017, 04:11 PM)Ezio Wrote: #Rekt
Like you.

Coming from a guy on IRC 24/7. Get a life you bunch of loosers. Seriously I wont expect this line from a attrocious crap like you.

Mhmm Ezio.. get your life straight, its obvious your dyslexic or perhaps you've got mental issues.. but uno rather than spending time on SAMP, get yourself checked up. Who knows you might learn what 'life' is.
The IRC guy raped your ass in FFS,looser? said a guy who only know to flame and here the crap are you dude nothing else to say.
Stay on the topic, people!

You all have been warned now. If you keep this bullshit up you will get a forum mute. 

Have a nice day.
Nice video Finisha lol u are admin why didnt u ban him insted of running XD

Edit : lol [88]3210 :D, sry finisha dont muit me ples
dafuqqq is that pepsi? lmao
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