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[HC] - .:: T h e - H o l o c a u s t - C r e w ::.
[Image: nrhtZy2.png]
:: The Holocaust Crew ::

Today we are pleased to announce the opening of our clan officially at Las Venturas Playground & therefore get a chance to introduce ourselves to all of you.

[Image: Introduction.png]

Introduction - The Holocaust Crew - HC is a professional 2-shot SA-MP clan founded by ShivaMz aka G4NG$T3R which has been operating at the multiplayer modification of Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas, "SanAndreas-Multiplayer (SA-MP)" since January 1st, 2016. The Holocaust crew has been an exotic hub for deathmatchers with a specialisation of best in class weaponary skills. The clan currently operates & maintains a great reputation at three servers Underground stunting (US), Stunt evolution freeroam(SEF) & Uniter Island Freeroam (UIF) and also at various cw/tg servers and now the clan decides to bring its brand into the server of ancient players, the old deathmatching, gangs playground aka Las Venturas Playgrounds(LVP).

History and operations - The clan was inaugurated on the 1st January, 2016 by ShivaMz, keeping an eye at the target of unifying the best deathmatchers all over SA-MP and preparing a strong force who would be ready to face any challenge and take the spirit of groupism to the next level. Joined by RuDrAk$H and Tanay, the trio took up the collective responsibility of strengthening and spreading our concept of unity to various people in their different friend circles. Moving steadily the three managed to become a popular trio at various SA-MP servers and were joined by ShawNz aka sHz_; ShawNz added his maturity and top notch skills to the trio and the so called trio now became became the four brothers in arms. The four leading members of the clan were progressing all over sa-mp at an impressive pace. By midst 2016, the group managed to attain the top ranking positions around various SA-MP servers gaining popularity & simultaneously increasing deathmatching quality. During the final months of the year 2016, the crew was joined by Mandy, who with her fast paced score building tactics took the responsibility of handling the group at South American time zones and expanded our activity by 24x7. With this, the gang now took the first step of becoming a clan taking in AmmaRz and W1nn3R, both of them specialising in communications and public relationship management.

Vision - The Holocaust Crew believes in quality rather than quantity. Our vision is to succeed by gaining best of achievements by providing a healthy competition to our competitors in the world of competitive multiplayer gaming be it through clan wars, free roam street fights or mini-games. Our members set up high standards of professionalism by their skilful gaming and showing their courage by fighting no matter what may come. We believe in absolute unity. We wish to collaborate, interact & engage ourselves with the best players from every continent & community.

Motto - The clan has indulged in various free roam street fights and professional DM wars and has proved its willingness to accept any challenge that comes in the future. We believe in "survival of the fittest" and we keep changing ourselves to the needs of the future  

[Image: Founder.png]
[HC]ShivaMz (Gang leader & Founder)

[Image: Vice-leaders.png]

[HC]Starboy (Website/Technical & Public relations)
[HC]W1N3Rz (Deathmatching /Mapping & Public relations)
[HC]Edz (Deathmatching / Graphics designing / & Public relations)
[HC]Mandy (Deathmatching / Mapping)
[HC]Luc1fer (Deathmatching)

[Image: Members.png]

[Image: Rules.png]
Every organisation requires a set of rules and regulations to function in the most efficient manner. Therefore below are the rules which each and every member should follow with utmost sincerity. Any negligence shall be considered as disrespect towards the clan!

-Every Person that wants to join our clan has to abide by our rules!
All initiated clan members have to wear the clan tag.[/align]
Any member not wearing it will be considered as not wanting to be part of the clan.

-The official tag is [HC]
If you are an [HC] Clan member you are expected to participate and play on the servers the clan operates at.
This does not mean that you can only play on our servers but anyone that is not active on our clan will be kicked from the clan. This is so we can support and help the clan grow.

-The clans will occasionally do clan wars against other clans-Participation is mandatory.
If you like to participate, please ask about joining the clan war squad. Less enthusiastic members won't be added to the clan war squad.
While having a clan war please keep the talk to a minimum and do not whine or complain about the game play as this will only distract or demoralise the other players. You are also NOT allowed to leave the cw without a valid reason! This will also reflex badly on our clan.

-Any kind of misbehaviour by the clan members at any of the servers is strictly NOT allowed.
]Maintain a certain level of decency in your language and attitude. It gives our clan a bad name and reputation if the players misbehave, therefore all the clan members have to follow the server rules where ever they play at.
If you need to talk about the clan or the servers we operate at, contact the person directly or go to the the clan war server.[/align]

Loyalty is very important in this clan. Once a Member has joined our clan, he is assumed that he will remain [HC]! if he wants to leave that, it's his full right but there is no way he can come back anymore.

-Show respect to fellow members.
[align=center]You are supposed to be a team so act like team mates to each other, this is what makes a clan strong!

-Multi-clanning will not be tolerated.
An immature player can only do such a pathetic act. Choose one clan, and one clan wisely.

-If a clan member is inactive for a certain amount of time, he'll be considered inactive.
If you remain inactive for too long without informing us, you may get chucked out.

-Hacking will NOT be tolerated at any cost.
The Holocaust crew wishes to recruit only the best players in order to maintain a top notch decency in their skills along with good behaviour. Therefore anyone found guilty of this rule shall be kicked out & boycotted immediately. Also there would be a special shame topic in the name of anyone found guilty of this rule.

-Reputation doesn't come easy!
Good behaviour and motivation of a clan member can earn him/her a great reputation therefore stay motivated throughout and keep the gaming spirit high.

[Image: Recruitment.png]

We're looking for skilled deathmatchers all over SA-MP in compliance with our vision of building the biggest & strongest clan. In order to be a member of the group, kindly post below using the following format:
mentioning your discord/skype is very important, that's how we reach you after you apply!

General Info

What is your real name?-
Where are you from?-
Are you good in english?-
Your contact information (Skype,Discord etc)-

In-Game Info

In-game name(s)?-
Previous name(s)?-
Since when are you playing SA-MP?-
What other clans/gangs have you been in?-
How many hours do you play daily?-
Weapons you're skilled at?-

If you recently left a clan/gang what was the reason of leaving it? (Explain Briefly)-

1. Should have an understandable knowledge of English.
2. Should have a decent playing background.
3. Should possess good DM/Racing skills.
4. Should have a decent character.
5. Should have appropriate knowledge of all the weapon related bugs.
6. Should be enthusiastic in building scores.

[Image: Allies.png]
-Dead Horse Industries

If you are a clan leader/part of the management team and want your group to be allies with [HC], Kindly post below using the following format:
Group name:
Name & rank of the applicant:
Why do you wish to have an alliance with [HC]?:
Link of your forum page/website:
What is your gtop position?:

Our allies would be immensely respected and for us friendships mean friendships. The management of the Holocaust Crew assures the allies with the proper treatment of brotherhood and love and expects the same. Anyone breaking this code from [HC]'s side can be reported by the ally gang's management.

[Image: Blacklist.png]

[Image: Enemies.png]
To be hanged till death.

[Image: Frags.png%5B]

[Image: Links.png]
Discord: https://discord.gg/4Aa5uFx

To be a part of our discord channel, you need to verify yourself at this thread by posting your discord tag & ingame name. For example:
IG name: Starboy
Discord: AmmaRz#4323  

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This is a topic that i've been waiting for. I really enjoyed reading it. I know that the clan already got a year, almost two on the neck, but i really gotta say - good luck and all the best! <3
That's one solid introduction you have posted here about your clan. As weeknd said, it was fun reading it. This clan is very good and I feel that it will go far in the future. Good luck!
Long live HC!  O+
Loved it. Good luck! :)
Nice Intro and its always good reading this kinda of threads!

Long Live HC!
Chiraq is biatch.
WOW, Great Intro. Very nicely presented.

Have (more) fun in LVP...
Awesome introduction. Good luck to you all and your clan :3
Good luck with the clan tho.
Good Luck guys  O+