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Reporting a cheater? READ THIS FIRST!
Greetings and salutations, my fellow players!

Due to the sheer amount of variables that are possible, ranging from bugs and synchronisation issues to unseen command usage and interference by an administrator (not to mention the transitory nature of bans), Las Venturas Playground DOES ban players based off video evidence recorded by players. But the evidence is ONLY accepted when it's very clear abusing or cheating. Anything even slightly possible to be caused by desync (like health hacks) is not accepted.

Please note that we still want you to report your suspicions! However, please do so using /report [player] [reason] while in-game! Reports are visible to crew members via IRC, so reporting when you think there are no administrators online is still highly recommended!

Thank you for your time in reading!
Hey guys, updated the topic a little.

We do accept video evidence. However ONLY when the abuse is very clear and there's no way it can be caused by desync or anything else.
A small addition:

Do NOT hide the chat and kill board in videos that are used as evidence. Some reports with hidden chats and kill boards may be rejected if we're unable to verify the date/time the video was recorded.