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Don't claim abuse or suggest consequences please!
Hi all,

I've noticed two patterns in complaints lately that I feel need some attention.

Firstly, there are various claims of another player abusing their rights. While you may very well perceive this, it's important to realise that one must be breaking rules in order to commit abuse. This rarely is straightforward, for instance, administrators follow a guide as opposed to defined rules, making it very hard to abuse in the conventional sense of that word.

Instead, please just objectively state (1) what you observed, (2) how that impacted you, and (3) what you would have liked to see instead.

Secondly, sometimes people suggest consequences or punishments in their complaints. Please don't do this. In the cases where a complaint is deemed valid, the Management will consider many more aspects which you can't know about: player history, our previous interactions with them, consequences imposed by similar offences, and so on.

Instead, please trust us to do the right thing. If you're unhappy with the outcome, you're most welcome to contact the Management member making the call, or another Management member if you'd like to escalate this further.

Thank you,