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Crashed? Let us know about it here!
Hi all!

About a month ago, players were crashing (aka "timeout") when signing up for some of our minigames (/rwtw, /derby 0 and /derby 7). We were able to fix this issue, and have seen no further occurences since then. 

With that all said and done, I still see what I consider to be an unusually large amount of players timing out. Common reasons include:
  • Unstable or dropped internet connection 
  • Mods/addons (i.e. custom skins, vehicle mods, radar/HUDs - anything that's not standard with GTA:SA)
Whilst we, Las Venturas Playground, cannot do anything in these instances, we can do something if the crash is being caused by our server. For example, if you use the /taxi command, and you crash, rejoin, try to /taxi again - does your game crash again? If so, it could be a problem on our end that only we can address.

Here is an example of what a client crash looks like:

[Image: Crash.jpg] 

If you're lucky, you may seen something like this just before the GTA:SA window exits:

[Image: YblQa8q.png]

Happens to you?

It'd be great if you could reply here with as much information as possible, such as:
  • Steps to re-produce the crash
  • Screenshots and/or videos
  • Your nickname, and the time/date the crash occured (so we can check the logs)
We're keen to investigate any and all bugs or problems that may impact your experience on our server!

Many thanks :)
I did seen one of these but I did not crash (ONLY OPCODE) but I did not know about this topic until just now so I dont have any proof. I make sure to post it here when I get another one but right now I banned for 30 days for bots