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How about we tie it to appreciation awards? That would immediately qualify Turkey.

Similarly, I feel we should hand out appreciation awards more liberally. Are there any guidelines for those today?
Thanks, Russell! :+

Though I still have the VIP tag on my profile - or is it just me?  O+
I would like to give other people a few more days to reply, if there are no further concerns I'll (ask someone to) make the change!
I'm rather happy with the state of usergroups (i.e. Veteran) as they stand right now. There's no denying that people such as yourself, Turkey, have contributed a lot, but one my concerns is that maintenance of the group would be a bit messy - as has historically happened with forum usergroups prior to them being cleaned up before the switch to MyBB forum software. An appreciation award on your profile, like you have been given would be a much better option in my opinion. We can layout criterial, general guidelines, or something similar to determine who gets this. 

Personally, I really like the fact that ex-management get the "Veterans" badge next to their name - it's reserved and unique for them. If we started adding people to the group who aren't ex-management, that exclusivity goes down the drain.
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I both agree with Russell and George, perhaps we can keep the veteran tag for the ex managers and come up with a new tag for our olden players who have meant something for LVP; devoid of rights, purely cosmetics as a sign of appreciation for sticking around for so long o/

perhaps 'senior' or 'hero' or 'appreciated member' or something among those lines :)
Sure, a golden oldschool tag would do aswell :P
Just put everyone as a Oldschool Clown, most have been there! haha
once we were clowns, but in about 10 years we'll all be oldies and baldies lol