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The Complaints Section

Whilst most issues can be handled in-game or via IRC, this dedicated Complaints section is designed to report, and resolve, issues between players and other players, or players and crew members. There are no specific requirements that define a complaint -- it can be anything from excessive foul language to crew members using their rights as an unfair advantage. Essentially, anything relevant to Las Venturas Playground that you take a disliking to can be reported here, with the exception of game mode bugs or issues, which can be reported here.

Only the topic author & crew member(s) involved are able to reply to topics in this section, along with any member of the management team.

Please ensure that you supply as much information as possible, such as: the people involved, time and date, along with a description of what happened.

Note: If a crew member requests additional information and no response is made within 7 days, the thread will be archived. You may hit the "Report" button next to your post to get it re-opened.

We aim to respond to all complaints within 24 hours.

As an alternative to creating a complaint in this publicly visible forum section, such messages can also be sent directly to the Las Venturas Playground Crew Manager, Joe.

Thank you for your understanding