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Reporting bugs and requesting features. READ ME!
This is the place to report bugs and request new features for the Las Venturas Playground gamemode, website, IRC channels and other areas. Each Bug or Feature Request deserves its own topic.

How do I report a [bug]?
It's great that you're asking. High quality bug reports really help us out, and will make it easier for us to fix the bugs.
  • First of all, search if a bug is already reported using the forum search function. If you don't see it yet, you can create a new topic, if you do find it, you can reply in the found topic with your details.
  • If you are creating a new topic, name the topic: [BUG] short description of the bug
  • In the topic or post, please post the following details:
    • Give a clear description of the bug.
    • What were you doing? Please post this as detailed as possible.
    • Where there other players which encountered the same problem?
    • Was it only once, or did it happen all the time? Can you include steps to reproduce?
    • Did you try to reconnect first?
    • In what version did the bug occur? (example: 4.0 or 5.3). See /credits ingame for the current version number
    • If you have any additional information (more details, a screenshot or a video), please include this with the post.
The topic can then be posted, allowing both other players who encountered the bug and the developers to reply. The developers may ask for some additional details, which can help us find a solution for the bug sooner. When the bug is confirmed, a developer may jump in and fix it. We cannot make any guarantees about how long it'll take before a solution is available.

We hope you will use this possibility to report all the bugs you found, allowing us to fix them, which will make your in-game experience better.

How do I suggest a [feature]?
It's easy to bloat a server by adding every feature imaginable. The new direction we're trying to take for Las Venturas Playground is to slim it down by removing features first, and then work towards giving players the best possible experience. This means that while lasers are cool, they don't really add anything to the game itself.

A good feature requests..
  • .. explains why the feature would be great for users.
  • .. explains exactly what it entails and how it'll work.
  • .. has images, links to other games/servers having the feature, drawings, screenshots, and so on.
In short: be complete. Describe why Las Venturas Playground should support the feature. As is the case with bug reports, we'll try to reply to all your requests but can't guarantee that we'll actually implement them, and won't make guarantees about timelines either.