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(intruoction) kangaroo [EPIC]
(12-30-2012, 11:29 AM)Turkey link Wrote: Our beloved saviour has left Earth on 17. December 2012 with the help of his, as he called them, "space brah's". He must be on the journey to a super Earth outside of our milkyway, passing by Jupiter as I'm writing. We can only hope that he somehow manages to get fuel for his spaceship once he reaches "house of mi space brah's" and that he finds out that our mother Earth still is in tact. Chances are quite low he will ever return, though. A dream that he can build super satellites and connect to our world wide web will remain a dream.

Kangaroo, you will be missed.

Wise words mate  ;( I have a PM from Kangaroo with a pic of a Kangaroo smoking  _O-
oh gloriuos sheeple off to nederlands !

we came to discover: me old family calendar not for Earth ! it was for Earth of me alien brah's (they called her father Earth !) . planet it's washing herself and magma all we came to quit .  :(

so me can to blackhole (no informashion losed ?? alberto einstein was to wrong in her theory !!!!) with me alien brah's and we can to find to this planet  after jupitor and we saw voyager (and stole golden plate to gift for alien's aliens brah's) we also can to found ancient star portal to pyramid /\ in china, mexico, gizah.  But [glow=red,2,300]MKULTRA[/glow] army to protect portal's in mother Earth . we can to enter but yet not exit pyramid tunnel's .

HooqerBooqer brah you can to read annunaki / sumerian script ?

u can to see :

[Image: annunaki.jpg]

and can to see were i'm locked and ca'nt to exit pyramid !
[Image: tumblr_m40si38gy31r91f0co1_500.jpg?w=490]

i can't to (not late) calculate algorithmus for chile .. me wanne go home chile :(
Dear brah‘s and friens of mom Earth !

If me pilot (he’s name elon) of noah space ship calutcated errectly, me message (now) will come to mom earth in 9 years (+- earth days !) . 🤔

I can to be so lonely . We still flying in vacuum (not cleaner .) and can‘t to find planet with air . One planet with air it‘s racist (not car racer) and kicked to us out of planet . We can‘t have intergalacocktical pass port (not port for water ship .) 😔

We can to eat all animals on ship soon end have no happy meal soon . I can to image elon will to eat me . 😢

I can to teleport back ? It‘s avail to /teleport ID ? Can to you sey me ID of Chile plz 😭

You can to play GTA 6 now ?

Me wanted to safe animals and pupil but no one safe me 🥺

You‘re best friend,

keep it up