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Ingame Name: [MOB]johnzy
Real Name: John
Country: Germany
Age: 17
Birthday: 22nd October
Gender: Male
Other Games: CS 1.6, NFS MW
Playing SA-MP Since: since 2011
Playing on LVP Since: June 2010
Introduction: Hola, my name is Johnzy and I come from Germany. 

Started my SA:MP career in '17 after finding a random stunt server. After getting bored of it I found a new server-type, which was Cops and Robbers. I found the concept interesting and joined the server with most players at that time - which is also known as CrazyBob's Cops and Robbers. 
letsjerk pprnhub megapornfree potrnhub
After spending some years on the server I was wrongfully banned by their anticheat due to many lag spikes on my internet. So I joined a server called San Andreas Cops and Robbers and got instantly addicted to it. 

After playing there for a while I sent in a request to be admin (they needed admins at that time). I got accepted and joined the crew along with Diamonds (miss him tbh). So I continued playing there - up to several hours a day. We was like a big family (the server had very low playerbase at that time). But... there was something missing. I wondered how Blacklite made his awesome server so I started getting interested in scripting. Tried out my luck on understanding the LVDM gamemode which eventually lead to where I am now. 

After having some minor scripting knowledge I started scripting my own server (Garsino's Funserver). I found this gamemode-type very nice to advance my knowledge with as I could script nearly everything I wanted not being bound to the unwritten rules like the other gamemode types. Ran the server for 2 years before I gave it away to Yoshi due to lack of time.


Now I mostly play other games but I tend to go play SA:MP every now and then. I check the SA:MP forum daily which I mean is a bad habit from the old days. [Image: smile.png]
Welcome back man , Hope to see you ingame .
Why is LVP not working for me?
(09-15-2019, 03:57 PM)Sleep Wrote: Why is LVP not working for me?
Edit: It has been showing problem I guess .
LVP Server is down since yesterday.