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iDoGlitching - Aimbot
hello crew lvp; 
as u guys know i don't wanna go in this like cases but this guy have crossed the line.
first he did post thread about what i said with his useless proofs and act like Pro . its okay .but i have proof that he is really aimboting . the fact is i recorded him so ling before byt i didn't post it : https://forum.sa-mp.nl/thread-34593-post...#pid488936
can any one explaine how  he can keep head shooting me even i run i differeng ways ? that's what he is doing in streets and duels too ; u can watch  the video how he head shooting without any miss . 

And since he got 200 fps in duels he can easly record too without any lags so i invite him to duel who can both of us record even i have 70 fps idc then both of us can post this record here .
else he should get ban for this  obvious aimbot ..

thanks for reading.
regards Yassir.

and now crying about lags to explaine his aimbot . nice try
If a player got lagg and warps in a duel and you shoot the player before he warps on my screen he wasn't yet on the other location while on his screen it looks like he already moved around me. This is not a sniper aimbot or a normal aimbot its because of his lagg on the game. I am not using any game modification while it now looks like i am.  8)7 Watch my other forum thread were he also claims i am cheating while i am not. Also got a video recording of newboi claiming i do way more damage then the gun should be able to. Those players got mad after being rekt ingame and now y4ss1r comes with his "proof" its all because of his lagg. Also he cutted the video alot only the rounds were it looks like i am cheating but the other rounds he also lost he left out.

As mentoined before this person cuts and pastes his video, he kept on asking me for a duel and wanted me to record. So i did i won a 5-0. I recorded this duel and after i won he already wanted to go again this player is wanting to play alot of matches and won't stop pm'ing me just to cut out the best moments as he did before and with other players. Video will be below once uploaded! This player accusing me for using cheats made me mad since it could have ended in a ban with the way he cutted and pasted the video of his moments were he laggs alot.

The crew has decided to give iDoGlitching the benefit of the doubt due to some lag on Yassir's part.