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Hello ; O-)

just a report about this guy who use aimbot and weapons hacks  . 

Aimbot : you can  see clearly aimbot in this video ; no need to explaine :D
weopons hacks : well as u can see in video we was in sniper duel with just sniper but in round 4 idk from where he get that sawnoff and uzi and start shoting me with it xD :? _O- (u can see my switch i don't have any other weopons except sniper  and my hands ofc :p) one reason is he spawn these weopons from his hacks ;

well i Hope some one take care about this report . :v 

and Thanks  d:)b
Hai Newboy,

Thanks for your report.

I've come to the conclusion that likely no hacks are being used. Not all shots fired by your opponent seem to hit you. As for the sawn-offs, our game is not entirely bug free. It is likely that when you died in the duel the game for some reason decided to drop your (spawn)weapons, including your sawn-offs and uzi. Your opponent simply picked them up and used them.

If you don't agree with this decision you are always free to post more proof or hit me up on IRC.