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Reporting [CP]Dan.
Hello everyone,

So I was in game recently, just chilling around and then [CP]Dan attacked me outside of the Ammu-Nation and I was full HP, and then I realised that his HP isn't going down at all, so I realised that he is bugged, which was weird because he joined the game like 1 minute ago, maybe a little bit more. So I told him in the main chat that he is bugged, and to relog himself. He refused to do that, and kept telling me that I'm dumb, can't aim, etc. Doesn't matter. So then I decided to go to him and record him that he is bugged and doesn't want to relog. So I went to him, started shooting at him, and he didn't take any damage, and he started saying "Oh, I am bugged, I can fix it" or something like that, and I kept telling him to relog.

Then I went to him again, while recording, and he suddenly wasn't bugged anymore & he was fighting me, and being bugged can't be fixed without going /q and then coming back in game, so I did couple of shots at him, and while his health was getting lower, he picked up the armor, and my shots weren't registering anymore, and then I actually realised, that he wasn't bugged the whole time, it was him toggling Health Hacks. Give me your thoughts, here are the videos, it is clearly visible that he is using a Health Hack, in a dumb visible way. Enjoy watching.

https://youtu.be/uAQqPXHlghM - Video of me showing you that he is bugged.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMviMFVui54 - Video of me trying to show that he didn't quit the game to fix himself being bugged, and                                                                                showing that he suddenly isn't bugged anymore.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9894YC8VOMk - Realising that he is health hacking.

I reviewed your evidence and came to the same conclusion. As tricky as health may be sometimes, that definitely wasn't something you could fix on the spot. Dan is now banned for 60 days since he's been caught hacking before.

Dan and everyone else, wouldn't you rather play clean than risk getting a permanent ban? All we want here is a fair environment.