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[HC]Lash abusing
Joined server, saw a guy to kill - [HC]Lash. After kiling him 2 times he turned on godmode because he wanted to complete a personal achievement (certain number of exports) - nothing to do with administrating the server, hence abusing admin powers for personal gain.

Then, after I still kept shooting him (he didnt lose hp tho) he killed me with some admin command (i exploded) because he thought i was annoying (hello DM server?) and came up with an excuse "ops" - I could understand if i was actually disturbing some admin stuff, but in this case it was just his personal goals.

Then when i was close to him again, he repeatedly "fixed" me so that I would spawn far away from him so he can continue doing his personal objects - yet again, nothing related to administrating the server, therefore no actual need for using admin commands which he did abuse.

Then he started to insult me with very vulgar words, disgusting behaviour for an admin who should be a role model for all other players.

When that didn't work for him, he decided to jail me into some abandoned island without any real reason. 

[Image: KomoGtB.png]
[Image: 2WRLEY5.jpg]
[Image: rzgxTtr.jpg]
[Image: lgv2Td1.jpg]
[Image: t8SeofX.png]
Get a life, pleb.

This is exactly how a reported administrator shouldn't react.
Instead of provoking a flamewar in a complaint section topic, please try to provide constructive statements of the incident.

Starting to trashtalk about the situation in another topic but avoid any discussion here - why?

EDIT: This is your point of view what happened:
[Image: u0OGniR.jpg8]

1. Amount of disrespect you recieve? What respect to you expect to see when you abuse your admin powers? Or when you insult me several times using vulgar language?

2. Lot's of people are "doing their own thing" - if they use commands to avoid getting killed, it's against the rules. If you do it (and abuse even more powerful commands) - then it's considered as disrespect and you punish the guy who is playing by the rules?

3. Ofcourse you could set your exports to million - that would be another abuse of admin command.

4. I had no personal issues with you but all the other 10-15 players were just idle'ing on ship or they were just new players who didn't know how to even shoot.

5. Your advice is ridiculous - you demand people to not to harm you and only then you would react to reports? This is exactly showing that you are setting your personal gameplay first and administrating the server secondary. 

Maybe re-checking your priorities when already accepted to become an admin would prevent those numerous complaint topics about you?

At the moment it seems like you are feeling the absence of the managment/staff so it encourages you to think as a superior player with powerful admin commands which you use for personal advantage whenever you want to without any consequences since there are nobody to keep order here.
You provoked me on purpose I did what you wanted. Why are you making a report when I did EXACTLY what you wanted. You were practically begging me to use commands on you. I made it clear that I don't want any contact with you which is why I enabled godmode and hid myself off the map. But your persistence to annoy was too great, because idk you can't help yourself but to notice me.

"I had no personal issues with you but all the other 10-15 players were just idle'ing on ship or they were just new players who didn't know how to even shoot."

10-15 players.... idle'ing on ship. Are you kidding me? Thats a very poor excuse to target me. You're wasting your time here man, as you did in-game that day.
So sod off, you stupid git!
Are you really justifying your actions by saying that you can read my mind and you know what I exactly wanted? 
What are we back in kindergarten again?

If you would have said that you were checking a cheater or some bug and needed to use admin commands for that, we wouldn't be here.
But the point is, you abused your admin commands - the privileges that you were given to administrate the server - for your own personal achievements. Not only that, you started abusing other commands, such as killing me, fixing me, jailing me. All this because I was DM'ing by the rules and you couldn't avoid it by playing by the rules aswell. Not to mention the flaming part.

There are regular people playing on this server and getting annoyed by DM'ers daily. They aren't allowed to abuse commands to avoid death like you.

Even if you call a simple DM'ing a "provokion" and you lose your temper by falling for provoking with just 10minutes, maybe it's time to play in role-playing server where people's DM'ing actions are limited. At this case, LVP isn't 100% role-playing server.

I avoided replying here because while I'm the one who usually handles complaints nowadays, this one is more appropriate for a management member. Seeing nobody stepped in I will give you my take on it.

I always condemned people abusing their powers. Whether they're part of the police beating up protesters or part of the LVP crew blowing up players, such things are never alright. Lash did wrong here and what I'm more worried about is not the abuse itself but the aftermath. I have to say I'm disappointed by Lash's response.

Once again, abusing is far from okay, not acknowledging it is even worse.
Yeah DoctorG is right. But I don't feel sorry AT ALL. I don't mind being demoted. If captain_obvius feels like he achieved something, than GG to him.