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[Event] LVP Tournament 1/2 Final
After the break, It is time to proceed with the tournament. Unfortunately, due to unplayed matches between [BB]Xilent & [SWK]Currode, this tournament will have to continue. They had two weeks to agree and play their game. I hope they will understand me

There is schedule time for 1/2 final.  Try to come on the server 15-20 minutes before the match. 15-20 minutes would be enough for warmup. The rules have remained the same.

[BB]Ricky92 you are you are automatically in Grand Final

One more thing. If you guys don't have anything to ask about tournament, DO NOT spam here. This is not the place for that.

All times have been calculated in London time UTC +0. If you have any trouble regarding the time differences, feel
free to contact me.
To make this easier with time use this site:


[Image: 4gXL9sq.jpg]
Understood. Good luck to myself! ( ok ok, zexo too :P )
Take all luck you can get Sonic, you'll need it :D
gl guys :) ...there're another tournament soon ?:)
(02-16-2017, 08:24 PM)Edz Wrote: [BB]Ricky92 you are you are automatically in Grand Final

Congratulations ]CP]zeXo_, and good luck in Grand Final. I also want to thank you [InC]S0n1c who was being part of this event. Good luck in future.

The match finished 1:2 for ]CP]zeXo_ after extra time.
Great duels, I enjoyed it. Zexo is definitely a good player! Congrats and good luck in the finals!

Also sorry for waking you up too early Edz xD
Congratz ]CP]zeXo_ and good luck in Finals
Awesome duels bro , but i need to improve ww fight style (u are just great :o)
I had more luck today :D
Edz, what about the grand final?