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Deer_Hunter's last words! v.2
Hello guys and Hapy New Year to all of you! :)

I've been very busy lately, a lot of holidays and now we have Christmas! (I'm an orthodox) A lot of food to eat  :P friends, cousins to meet, basically what most of the population here do; travelling celebrating, staying around family and having a good time in their warm homes! I am doing great so far, thanks for asking and I wish the same to you guys!
  • Now, as you know I am no more admin of Las Venturas Playground server. After my conversation with tef and hearing about the final decision I decided it is better to step out and not to express myself in public so I don't eventually cause mess and got asked about it all over again. Still, I made a thread and wrote few words in crew topic cos I felt that is at least I can do after the given trust, which I have appreciated every single minute of my time in the server. Now I see this topic which is from my POV totally needless, and I've actually agreed with tef on that previously. But since we are here, I'm gonna stop for some time and actually speak about it now, cos now, especially after reading all of that, I feel how I actually owe you this. So for all of you who don't have fancy commands and permissions to read what I wrote in crew topic, hear this I guess;
This is gonna be edited version of the thread I've previously made, because I feel a lil bit triggered now (I'm gonna say a few words about it later) and I would like to clear out some things, so you also may got to know my part of the story.

You know, it's 9 years now how I play this lovely game! As crazy as it sounds I've been an active member, VIP member, an admin in more than 10 different communities from all over the SAMP's scene. The main reason why I decided to stick with this community lately and become one of its most active members/admins, is that I really liked it here! :D Simple as it sounds, I liked it's game mode, its regulars, clans, crew members, literally everything! It was really entertaining and enjoyable for me. By the time I got to know many things about you, your lives, made really good friends and I am really glad that I can look back with a hugh smile! You know after some time I felt like becoming part of the team, later after I got promoted that feeling became even stronger and partly because of that brilliant atmosphere we had once among crew members partly because of all of you awesome folks I met in this server, I couldn't see any of this happening.
  • After being asked to answer a quesiton "How do I see myself in the LVP crew" I had really weird feeling about it. Honestly I can't find the right word for what I felt; I can't say I felt betrayed cos I think that word is somehow too strong and I think it doesn't fit the situation, but let's say, well, I was kinda surprised in a bad way. You see, as I mentioned above, I had that feeling how I'm part of the team and I didn't see myself different/better than anyone else here or if I am doing anything wrong. 
  • Yes you are right, there were numerous complaints about me, spam was real, but dunno why, I had totally different perception when it comes to these complaints. The main reason why I claim that I am innocent here and my strongest argument, is that I was really confused about this whole thing and had totally different opinion. I thought those complaints were part of the deal, and our fellow players came out with them in cooperation with rest of the crew, so we get more folks interested in reading LVP forums in term of having fun, like an entertainment! Some project like Big Brother just with hidden gender and lots of typing, with comic words and cocky behaviour! Nevermind, I'll get back to that later.
  • If you can feel me now, once I got a gun pointed to my head, and found out how my status in-here is suddenly questionable, like its a last call; Well, whatever was your decision back then, no matter what, it wouldn't change mine. For me it was over.
Some of you wanted to actually hear more about it, and asked me what my thoughts were, you didn't get your answer, sorry for that. It's true I dont like to talk about this subject, but since we are here I'll aslo shoot a few bullets one last time (btw according to Russell's statistics I'm the one who has fired the most bullets in LVP server, since time  :D  So I am usually good at this), let's see; 

*Talking subjectively now, from my own perspective, the way I see it*

  1. 90 % of  these guys that were making complaints about me are ex-cheaters with ban history and low credibility that often spread lies not only about me but everyone. They got banned in LVP but also in other servers where they play aswell. All the complaints were based on their personal issues with me/group of people I am playing with.
  2. You see, back in times when cheaters wouldn't get a second chance I wouldn't face these kind of problems, since those would be out of my reach, cheating somewhere else already. But sure, 20 cheaters sounds better than an empty server. What about those who aren't cheating? Fuck them? Alright.
  3. Most of them were complaining just because they got this game too seriously when it comes to deathmatching and couldn't stand a fact they are getting owned in a PC game from some guy who has admin rights, while they don't. Good example for this would be Sonic aka Oresti who used to report me every now and then (Also a player with a ban history in more than 1 server as far as I know). After he asked tef's assistance to settle things down with me and after we discussed about it on irc's private channel created by tef, we stopped shooting each other in-game. Since then I wouldn't get a single complaint by his side, and now he comes to backstabb which isn't really cool, but who gives a fuck right.
  4. Before I became an admin I didnt have not even a single kick (legit one), nor I ever used any kind of hack in this server. Have that in mind.
  5. I've been asked by one management member if I support his thinking that we should get rid of a *critical group of people* in this server/community for good. According to him they killed all the fun made many players leave and are no more welcome. After I told him how I'm gonna support him in the thread he is going to make, nothing really happened. No sign of the thread but instead of that this group of players kept reporting me and at the end I eventually got demoted and they are still free to play.
  6. I had no assistance when I needed it the most and no, it wasn't ideal and pleasent when it came dealing with cheaters, cos most of the guys I was working with on that, know nothing about cheats. We had example of Jayce reporting himself (One more guy who wrote complaints about me) but not even one admin besides me understood what I am talking about and how the guy actually cheated. Even regular player of this community figured it out all alone why those who were supposed to, couldn't. So it's not that I was just abusing players around, I did much more.
  7. Yes I've banned a lot of cheaters but on the other hand I've saved bunch of regulars from getting banned cos they were obviously legit but still it took me quite a lot to demonstrate that to other crew members. Good examples for this are [BB]Edz, (R2D)Zarko and many more; Some may say those aren't big contributions but all that bullshit cost me time and it's obviously up to you if you are gonna appreciate it.
  8. The reason why I felt triggered is that, ( "this was not a single individual's decision, and many factors were considered" ) after talking to a management member I simply asked him if there's anything else besides numerous complaints that would cause this call, the answer was "No". Either he wasn't well informed which I doubt, or that ^ isn't true.
  9. I won't mention all that efforts I've made in term of helping the server, the fact that I got 1379 hours on my last account only speaks for itself. I just want to say how I deserved better treatment from certain people, which is a fact. Who doesn't agree with it can suck my balls lol
  10. I have to add, after writing a reply in crew topic I asked if I could still have permission for a few more days so I can read replies, it was unaccaptable. Oh really? Well that's a bullshit. Not even my forum rank was set to "Former crew" but VIP only, Thanks to George it was fixed later on. I also see that as a mistreat.
  11. I've witnessed when these guys encouraged each other to keep reporting me no matter what cos someone will eventually take care of it in a good way for them. Well as I said earlier some of them I never read lol Cos those were complete useless from my POV; but someone clearly doesn't think that way. Even tho many crew members witnessed this injustice and tons of fake reports against me, which they confirmed. I guess their opinion doesn't matter. 
Briefly that was all about it. I want to thank to these guys who were watching on the situation from my angle aswell and shared their opinion, I highly appreciate that. Also those who remember nice times we had and speak about it, that was the point right? Thank you guys, I loved it.

lol sau you'll have to find more ways to earn money cos I got 12345 exports which was the goal :D  

*My dear clan/crew members, sau, FateTrip, Yassine, and all my mates, the decision has been made and nothing about it is going to change in future. If you do care, keep urself out of *troubles* since everything has been said now. Thanks for kind words, it was my pleasure read it and I'm glad that I met you.

If anyone wants to know, I will be a bit inactive in SA:MP, my exams will start soon, it will take me some time till I get back. But if I ever get invited from some of you or anything, I may join you to kick it off once again, till then, See you :)
Hope to see you around in the future Deer! Good luck on your exams and life, won't forget the good times and all the duels. Later Deer :p
we wil see you again deer and you know what i did say to lol and it wil stand
Good Bye old friend gl with that exams!
Goodluck bro, wish you the best :)

Hope to see you again sometime
finally! No more favoritism and abusing from this guy. (Everyone's entitled to his own opinion, right?)
Good luck with your exams mate! Hope to see you soon.  :)
Did not expect you to take it as a backstab, instead you should have taken it as a good lesson, but anyways, it is your wish. I'd want to clarify that I never wanted to make our relations any worse, was only speaking the bitter truth, and I really do not want to turn this post into a fighting zone, but since you mentioned my name I will have to reply to it.

Firstly, I'd want to mention that when you talk subjectively, it doesn't neccessisarily mean you will lie. This is exactly the kind of behaviour an admin should not have. While I tell my opinion based on facts, you tell yours based on personal experience with no proof, which means while my opinions are worth being shared with everyone, yours could be simply sent to me through a PM. However, since you shared it like this, I will have to set things clear. 

As a beggining, I want to clarify that I have only been banned in one server, that too by mistake, not like you said "a player with a ban history in more than 1 server as far as I know". But anyways, why does my ban history matter in LVP? Do you judge people based on their ban history in other servers?
When you say "Most of them were complaining just because they got this game too seriously when it comes to deathmatching and couldn't stand a fact they are getting owned in a PC" I say this http://prnt.sc/b8uc93  and prove who takes the game too seriously when it comes to deathmatching and who can't actually stand the fact that they are getting owned in a PC game. 

If I used to report you to management, that was because you did abuse your commands, and I always had proof, just like that time when TEF called us both to settle things together. You were caught red handed that time, using commands to avoid death + repairing vehicle while being chased, which TEF verified (after checking logs) and he may approve it. If I never made a complaint about you again after we agreed to stop shooting each other (when TEF called us) was because you never used any of your commands on me ever since that day. And guess what? I have never been banned again ever since. Coincidence? I think not.

I feel bad that we have to end our relations this way, but since you never seem to understand me, we will have to do so. Anyways, take care. 

I am very sorry for posting this here but I had to set things clear since my name was mentioned. No more off topic posts will be made by me here.
So banning because they were banned from another server which has nothing to do with lvp. bankai is right :/ and stop trying to save face
Take care bruh :) and eradicate those exams!