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Sensitivity fix - Slice - 09-17-2010

Just got a mouse with 2500 dpi and it was just impossible to play with it so ..

This will (hopefully) fix any mouse look related problems for those with a high-end mouse.

First off, you will need the hooked vorbisFile.dll (simply place both files in your GTA folder) in order to load the plugin.
Now, go in-game and mess around with the mouse sensitivity in Control Settings until it is as fast left/right as it is up/down.
After that you can adjust it with these key combinations:

[td]Increase overall sensitivity[/td]
[td]1 + arrow key up[/td]
[td]Decrease overall sensitivity[/td]
[td]1 + arrow key down[/td]
[td]Increase sensitivity for aiming[/td]
[td]2 + arrow key up[/td]
[td]Decrease sensitivity for aiming[/td]
[td]2 + arrow key down[/td]
[td]Increase sensitivity for sniper aiming[/td]
[td]3 + arrow key up[/td]
[td]Decrease sensitivity for sniper aiming[/td]
[td]3 + arrow key down[/td]

You can also do fine-tuning in sensfix.ini prior to starting your game.

Download: here.

any problems or whatever lemme know.

Re: Sensitivity fix - Rien - 09-17-2010

And you couldn't change the sensitivity on your mouse?

Logitech has software that allows you to change the DPI of your mouse, and some even have buttons on the mouse itself to decrease and increase the DPI :D

Re: Sensitivity fix - Slice - 09-17-2010

it moves weird on low dpi for me, prolly cause of my crappy 5 year old mousepad.
this also gets rid of the uneven Y-axis mouse look, though.

Re: Sensitivity fix - Matthias - 09-17-2010

Even though my sensitivity is fine, nice job!

Re: Sensitivity fix - Fat Cobra - 09-22-2010

this didnt work for shit?

Re: Sensitivity fix - Slice - 09-22-2010

o, ye, only works for US .exe. ill make it for the EU version when i can be bothered.

Re: Sensitivity fix - Fat Cobra - 09-22-2010

make one now, need itĀ  ;(

Re: Sensitivity fix - Slice_Of_Life - 12-25-2010

Aiming is now less sensitive, exept for the up-down movementĀ  8)7 so still can aim for shit.

Vid of this: gta_sa 2010-12-25 23-39-25-82.avi

Im trying to get up-down to be as fast as left-right, still not working tho

Re: Sensitivity fix - [SAE]Grim - 12-26-2010

Im having ^this problem lol. Got new mouse for xmas and if I use any normal sensitivity up and down moves fast as fuck, while left/right is normal

Atm, im using 300 dpi on the mouse while playing samp, this evens the axis out. Sensitivity ingame is on half or something I tihnk.

Re: Sensitivity fix - Slice - 12-26-2010

Adjust the sensitivity in the GTA options until the Y-axis feels ok.