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RE: [V]IRUS - - ZooMa - 06-19-2018

Good luck!

RE: [V]IRUS - - Sleep - 06-19-2018

[V] slowly dying?

RE: [V]IRUS - - VonLVP - 06-19-2018

(06-19-2018, 12:02 PM)Sleep Wrote: [V] slowly dying?

As I told you earlier (and it seemed like you understood it), we've been making some moves lately that had to be done regardless of the consequences (PawnFox's quit is not/won't be the only side effect), because our win/our impact on whatever is coming up is way more important for the clan's future. 

Actually, what we've been targetting has been taking its sneaky toll for slightly more than one year. The deep root of similar "unrest" throughout this time was simply about picking the ones who could move on with us to the next phase.

We do wish that every player/member would resist giving up while we're focusing on our wins. We're always trying our best to keep it all balanced instead of leaning towards one side. It might not be some players'/operators' cup of tea.

LVP's blacklists will probably take time to make a difference, because you'll most likely be able to post again like Arlequina. We used to believe in keeping it open here, but honestly it's boring to keep explaining for players with attitudes like yours. 

 Avoid such attitude with LVP players who're also around the new place if you're interested to be there again during this year. We're the same people, and we'll make sure that players with attitudes like yours don't distract our community there under whatever excuse.

RE: [V]IRUS - - VonLVP - 07-04-2018

Congratulations to Our New Villuminati, [V]Adderall.XR!

The time has finally come for one more Villuminati!
We're extremely careful when assigning a [V] member for such a responsibility. Assigning a member for this responsibility
requires a lot of work and extreme attention to details on stage and behind the scenes.

Being a Villuminati is obviously not a ride in the mazarot!

RE: [V]IRUS - - ZooMa - 07-04-2018

grats ammarz!

RE: [V]IRUS - - Humza - 07-04-2018

Congratulations [V]Adderall.XR!

RE: [V]IRUS - - Starboy - 07-09-2018

Naah i am not made for this clan.

Have good time V.

RE: [V]IRUS - - VonLVP - 07-09-2018

(05-25-2010, 02:24 PM)VonLVP Wrote:
- Adderall.XR left the clan due to the lack of interest in our polls system. Good people, critical timing, unusual circumstances,
 and different perspectives. Good luck!

RE: [V]IRUS - - Ricky92 - 07-10-2018

Ehhhhh that was quick....

RE: [V]IRUS - - Humza - 07-10-2018

(07-10-2018, 12:09 PM)Ricky92 Wrote: Ehhhhh that was quick....