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[V]IRUS - - VonLVP - 05-25-2010

[Image: tooSdmR.png]

[Image: 1z3xgfk.gif] Villuminati

[V]jOjO [Image: 111.png] 

[V]LuKz [Image: 111.png]

[Image: 1z3xgfk.gif] Currently Active Members



[V]Ivica [Image: 111.png]


[V]GetOut [Image: 111.png]




[V]playa [Image: 111.png]

[V]LuKz  [Image: 111.png]

[V]SquasH[Image: 111.png] 

[V]General [Image: 111.png]

[V]Saim [Image: 111.png]

[Image: 1z3xgfk.gif] Trials

[Image: Blackstar.png]
What could signify loyalty more than spreading light until it's all over?
Blackstars are those who made it to the end of their gaming times as V members.

[★]Bloodster- Ex-Villuminati
[★]Cash - Ex-Villuminati
[★]bulletinu Ex-Villuminati
[★]Vodka - Ex-Villuminati
[★]Deliverance - Ex-Villuminati
[]Aryan - Ex-Villuminati

Started in 2008, [V] has always been an example for how a real clan should be. [V]IRUS is built on 3 factors that form the full threat for any other clan: loyalty, friendship, and skills.
This clan started when almost everyone thought that a new clan is an unsuccessful clan. [V]IRUS has passed through different phases to become how it is now, we call
each phase of those a "generation". They say what comes easy goes easy, and [V]IRUS, my folks, was not built by chances ...
You could listen to the whole story if you ever become a V member. For now, all you need to do is to look at our Blackstars.

Apply @
Youtube Channel:
TrainingLands:, #tl @

[Image: au35ObN.png]

Saim is now a full [V] member, congratulations!

Re: [V] - Virus | - Danny - 05-25-2010

I remember jOjO, I was friendly with him on another server a couple of years ago.
Nice guy, friendly clan ;)

Re: [V] - Virus | - Daniel - 05-25-2010

'heh  i remember that pic i was HeLiNaB in there :p

The Builders:
Those are the members who faced hard times to launch the threat at LWs. Some of these are: jOjO, Bloodster, Cash, Meth, West, Generalhood, Pherox, Vlad, Kolezan, Dani3l, Paul_Jackson, Proeric, Linux, Scott, Shade, and Hitsuguya


Re: [V] - Virus | - LilBoy - 05-25-2010

Nice intro,
Nice gang,
Saw you guyz in-game.

Re: [V] - Virus | - Kase - 05-25-2010

Nice  :D

Re: [V] - Virus | - Pilf - 05-25-2010


Re: [V] - Virus | - LasTRace - 05-25-2010

hehe, i remember this clan, saw u online at lvp many times, welcome  :+


Re: [V] - Virus | - Method2 - 05-25-2010

wb :p ?

Re: [V] - Virus | - ZyK - 05-25-2010

welcome back  ;)

Re: [V] - Virus | - iLz.12 - 05-25-2010

welcome once again