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.: eF. :: Excessive Fighting :: :. - Kase - 12-30-2009

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The Excessive Fighting Team is a gaming clan which mostly plays on San Andreas: Multiplayer. We're a strong and organized group of players who share the same motto. We're always rolling with the same team spirit. We organized and partecipated to many events, and we are planning on working hard to grow up and gain experience in different games. This gaming team has been launched on December 2009, and has been growing up in the San Andreas Multiplayer community. We have had a few moments of disbanding, but we are now back in action, stronger than ever.














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The Excessive Fighting Team is currently recruiting. We're looking for active, mature, loyal and skilled players, who fight by our side and have experience in San Andreas Multiplayer. If you think you got what it takes, then you can apply to our team in our forums. We're going to hang around with you, and if it's needed, fight you. The applications can take up to a few months. Don't rush, your patience will be awarded. If you think it's too much, or you can't deal with periods of inactivity, then don't bother applying. If you was denied, we do not have to give you an explanation, just accept it. Feel free to apply again, but you should be aware it's going to take more time to decide. Good luck!


IRC: #eF (GTANet)

Re: [eF] Excessive Fighting Clan - Fat Cobra - 12-30-2009


Re: [eF] Excessive Fighting Clan - DonFranco - 12-30-2009

welcome and goodluck ;)

Re: [eF] Excessive Fighting Clan - KingJd - 12-30-2009

welcome and goodluck >:)

Re: [eF] Excessive Fighting Clan - Mike - 12-30-2009

People fighting on foot are extremely vulnerable to car bombs. Be careful.

Re: [eF] Excessive Fighting Clan - Hitman - 12-30-2009

Looks like you don't fight excessive enough, cos when Maka and me fucked up your 4vs2 gang you guys refilled and lamed over and over again

Re: [eF] Excessive Fighting Clan - nycu243 - 12-30-2009

Good luck eF!

Re: [eF] Excessive Fighting Clan - Matthias - 12-30-2009


Re: [eF] Excessive Fighting Clan - HaZe - 12-30-2009


Re: [eF] Excessive Fighting Clan - Hitman - 12-30-2009

Lol just read the memberlist again, why do you guys keep creating new clans while its basically just a namechange cos everytime the same people are in it?

Kase, Pedro, Karoy, ....  DLF, dsl, SC4K, eF, [..]

Only one missing is shoru, rofl